September 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Well, I got my ton, thank you @Jonathan_Calderon & @Pastor-Kawesi for the route and the shepherding, it was a good morning out!

I won’t be around next week - I might have told one or two of you a couple (of hundred) times that next weekend, with a group of colleagues, I am heading out to Belgium to follow the route of the Liege-Bastogne-Liege pro race. 2 days, 240 km, 3800 metres climbing.

We are doing it in aid of Church Housing Trust, a small charity that helps rehabilitate homeless people, giving them the practical advice and support they need once they have secured accommodation. It’s a really good cause, and if any of you are feeling generous, a small donation from the E20 squad would really mean a lot:

See you all on Strava, and see you on the bikes again for the Etape in two weeks!


After my previous post I went and put my bike back on the rack (wall mounted thing) and my tyre deflates in front of my eyes. Chunk of glass stuck right in it. Amazed I made it home with that in there and no clue how lifting it six feet in the air suddenly made it go. But all things considered I can’t think of a better place to get a flat!


Anyone for the track tonight?


I’m thinking of heading over probably around 6.30pm


I may head over but just heading back from Birmingham so would be later. Next week definitely if not :thumbsup:


Hi Everyone!

I’ve just moved down to the area and fancy doing a bit more cycling. Is there a ride going ahead this Sunday? If so I’d love to come along for the first time and try it out.



Not sure who is leading but there’ll be a ride for sure so come along.


Welcome Chris - We are currently suffering from a lack of ride leaders, whilst E20cc has a loyal following we are looking to keep it safe and more structured.

I’ve added you to the closed group here:
— where you can read older threads and find out more information about other rides.

Enjoy the ride tomorrow

Not 100% I’ll be riding tomorrow (again) due to family commitments.


The plan for tomorrow can be the following, we ride together at an easy pace to Epping, then we split the group between those who want go on a faster and longer ride and those who want to do loops and go back at an easy comfy pace.

Meeting at the usual place at 8.30am

This all depends on the weather. Check Yobder in the morning.


Any idea of pace on faster/longer? A mate of mine might be coming to ride so if we’re talking 27/28 that could be good, 30 odd and we’all probably do our own hah.

Last Sunday before L’Etape next weekend so keen to get some decent km in :smile:. P.s. Looking like it will probably be dry in the morn and not much wind, fingers crossed!


The following is ruote kindly provided by @Pastor-Kawesi

Anything above 28km/h will be a good workout. Let’s see tomorrow. So far is @Pastor-Kawesi and myself on longer route.



I would like to help others improve so if we get a few more like last week we can go about 27 to 28kkmh with some sprint every now and then. We can go at an easy pace and still get a good workout.


Love the attitude Pastor! I’m interested in joining and if I can’t keep up after a while I can always branch off.


I’d agree and sounds good @Pastor-Kawesi!. Will try keep things as close to 28 as possible and Ill have more food on me this time! Always an issue when you don’t know how long the ride will be.

See you tomorrow guys.


Long ride sounds really good but I have to be back by 11am tomorrow so will just do the normal route. Happy to lead the shorter ride back if helpful.


Yeah I’m happy to come along for the shorter ride as I have to be back for 11ish as well. See you all tomorrow


Ok guys I’m leading the longer ride tomorrow. Nice and gentle with some sprint every now and then. Roughly 17MPH 27KM/H. Remember to carry two bottles of water/liquid preferably, and food ie gels energy bar ect. My three golden rules are: make every ride count, eat before you’re hungry and drink before you’re thirty. See you guys tomorrow

Ps. remember breakfast is important so don’t forget or ignore the firest meal of the day. God bless


I am sure I drunk a lot before thirty :slight_smile:


I’m running way too late to make this and then need to be back so will just do an hour nearby around 09:00 instead. Enjoy the ride.


Thanks for the great ride today guys. @Pastor-Kawesi awesome job keeping the group together and shepherding!