September 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


I’ll be more like half 7 now, bloody work!


Autumn Cycling Checklist
Useful motivation topic from BC site:


It was such a great evening at the Velopark for the series fast & brutal laps ! Loved every bit of it. It was also great to see so many “polked boyz” bringing a bit of colours to the otherwise dull scenery of monochrome jerseys.

Keep on riding …

… I am outside the country / saddle until Saturday the 17th. :frowning:



Any thoughts yet on what rides will be doable tomorrow?
A longer, quick (but not necessarily fast) would be great if we can…


Planning to come along for a ride on Sunday


Maybe I can lead a longer ride tomorrow. Not too fast though


I’m finally able to get out again tomorrow morn :slight_smile:.

I’d echo the above and say I’m keen for slightly longer, maybe 70-80km…a pace somewhere around 27-28 km/h?

Who’s riding?

P.s. In stark contrast to tonight, the weather for tomorrow morning is looking perfect!


I need to be back around 11:00 (not a hard limit but thereabouts). But I’ll just show up and see what people are doing.


I should be there :blush:


I will be there after some time being away and not having cycled with you lovely people. I will be there tomorrow at 8:15/20am.

All ready to set of with you all.

How many confirmed riders do we have for tomorrow?


Ah awesome. Tomorrow is looking good then. See you all in the morning :smiley:


I nominate @Pastor-Kawesi for the best joke of 2016 …


I won’t be out, family commitments :weary:


Nice ride today, thanks to everyone for waiting for me as usual :stuck_out_tongue: .

Figure out the rubbing noise, front quick release was slightly loose so wheel had a little bit of movement in it, oops.


Thanks everyone for a great ride out in perfect weather. Just after I left you hit a sunken drain cover at Whipps Cross and blow out both tyres. Too close to home to be bothered to replace one inner tube and patch the other so a hobble home in SDP-SLs. See you all again soon.


Good ride today.

Having had a late night watching the boxing, I was unable to meet with you all in Stratford however a few friends and I made our way to Epping Forest where we then joined in with you all.

To say I am super unfit is a huge understatement. Lucas and I would have carried on with you all but our good friend Kam who was in the bright Orange jersey had offcially steam. So we decided to let you all carry on and not slow you down anymore. We then headed home through Buckhurst Hill and headed back into Leytonstone.

It was very nice to see you all and to do that one super hill with you all.

We look forward to be there on time next week in the hopes to not slow you all down to much.

Jazz Singh


In Abridge


07723820984 if redirectable?


Nice ride guys! Perfect weather for it, we’ll maybe just need to get the route decided on in advance in the future as I ran out of food, deff didn’t think I’d do 100km but glad we did haha, good warm up for L’Etape.

@Ian_Clark sorry mate sounds like you took a right turn by mistake, I was lucky i went straight on myself (whilst flagging trying to catch the whippets up front)! Hope you got back fine, let us know :thumbsup:


Yeh was a gooden’! Luckily Ms. Google Maps helped escort me back, took a while (with a stop of for a cheeky pint of milk and a double decker) but I got there. Must have gone some distance today…