September 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


I won’t be able to commit to a longer ride this Sunday as the Tour of Britain rolls in to town in the afternoon. I do however have a great route to Southend and back. It’s about 130KM but fairly flat so not to taxing. I’ll dig out the link and post it on here.

I’ll be out on Sunday for the regular ride so hopefully see some of you then.


Out of town due to work related reasons during the next weekend … enjoy the rides.


Yeah I’ll be racing for VCL. Katie mentioned she knew you - I was trying to persuade her to enter too!


Next year I’m sure. Talk of all the champs competing makes it a serious competition! Good luck


Who’s up for a ride today. Nice and easy nothing over the top


Hi all,

My name is Emir Allen and I am keen to join in on the Sunday rides. I’m away the next couple of weeks but should be able to make it on Sunday 24th.

Look forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks!



Hi @Pastor-Kawesi … I am thinking of doing a few laps tomorrow. Let me know if you are free …


Hey am thinking of doing some laps of the velopark tomorrow seeing as the weather should be nice. If you guys are doing that let me know?


Interested in some riding over the next couple of days having recovered a bit from last weekend


I’m going for a pre-work spin around Regents Park tomorrow (Thurs) morning. Will be leaving E20 about 6.30am. If you fancy let me know and we can arrange a rendevous point.


I am planning to go to the velopark today between 3pm to 5pm … the only time when I am meeting and kids free … if anyone feel like coming please let me know.

Simple plan:

  • 5 laps warm up
  • 5 laps tempo
  • 10 laps with sprints
  • 5 laps to complete 40km

Back home before I lose my mind out of boredom


Wasn’t able to go during the day, will be heading over shortly.


When I went it was closed … Tomorrow


Ok, what time are you thinking tomorrow? According to the website it was closed between 10-12 today for a private event


I’m afraid 6.30am is probably a little early for me. Thinking of going to the velopark tomorrow evening, what time are people thinking?


I could do any time after 5pm.


Check this group for long rides at a sociable pace:{"ref"%3A98%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}


I’m looking at heading to Velopark after work for around 7ish, if anyone is still around you’ll see me in the pink polkadots!


@Pablo_Smith … you will find a few of us there I guess. @Pastor-Kawesi, @haykelb, @Jonathan_Calderon and a few more will be there.


Cool cool! Ill probably just get 40km or so in, at whatever pace the legs are managing :smile: