Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


Thanks for copying me in Falco. Sorry, I meant to reply and say that I’m good for filters at the moment, but thanks for the thought!


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@jools @isaac_layish @Noel @Suzence @Greg_Airey
The filters have finally arrived this afternoon.
As you can see from below, I paid £117.56 for the 12 sets,
so one set costs £9.80
I’ll send you a personal message with my address and contact details
and you can pick up your filter set(s) at a time that suits both of us.
Cash preferred.
Get in touch,


Thanks Falco for the note. Just logging after ages. I should be fine for now.


Hi Falco, I hope you are well. Do you still have any? Thanks


Sorry @joaofonseca70 but all gone now. F.