Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


Hi @Falco thanks for the welcome!

The Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic filters are either £15 for G3 grade or £18 for G4 grade. Seems like a good price to me when buying them direct from Vent-Axia it costs over £30 delivered. All the Vent Axia filters are found here on their website…


Hello everybody, If you need filters, please let me know. They’re £10.45 per set of 2, including tax - but excluding p&p:

I’ll order 2 sets (or maybe 3) for myself. Shipping will be free from 11 sets. I’m planning to order on 17 November, so please do get in touch asap if you want me to get filters for you, too.


PS: Viviane from FairFair just promised me a 10% discount if we order at least 11 sets.


Hi Falco
Let me check how many I have, but will order at least one pair


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Let me know if you need filters…

OK @jools


Thanks for pinging me, Falco, but I already got some filters via a group delivery which was organised on the Facebook group for E20 residents.


Ah, thanks @Todi. (I don’t have Facebook - too aggressive for me.)


Yes - one set please. Thanks Falco


yes please!


Hi Falco,

Please put me down for 2 sets please. Hopefully there’s enough people wanting them to get an order together.



Hi Falco, is it too late to order 1 set of 2? Thanks Suze


Thanks, @jools @isaac_layish @Noel @Suzence
I’ll order on Monday. I need to get hold of them when they’re in the office to get a personalised 10% discount code.


@Falco Thanks a lot! In this case please order 2 packs for me. And let me know when/how to transfer the money.
Thanks again


Hello @jools @isaac_layish @Noel @Suzence,

I’ve now ordered filters. Payment is always in Euros with FairFair but my credit card company doesn’t charge for foreign currencies, so no problem. Once the transaction is on my credit card, I’ll let you know the price per filter set, and you can bring cash with you when you pick them up. I’ll notify you when I have the filters.

I have reserved 1 set each for jools and isaac, and 2 sets each for Noel and Suzence, so that’s 6 in total. I ordered 12 to get the discount and free shipping, so I’ll keep the other 6 sets. Just to let you know that in case you should decide last minute to get an additional set: no problem.

I’ll be in touch when I have the filters,


Having had a more thorough look at the bill, the discount seems to be only 5% instead of the promised 10%. I’ve emailed them, let’s see what they say.


They cancelled the order, and I made a new one with the 10% discount, see screenshot.


Good news. Thanks very much for sorting this


Thanks @Falco! Let us know when it arrives


Hey @Falco
I would love one or two sets of you have extras going spare? Let me know! Thanks!


Thank you!


Hello @jools @isaac_layish @Noel @Suzence,

Just an update: The order went through but there’s an issue with the delivery company DPD. I’m not quite sure what it is. I work from home at the moment, so I’m in almost all the time. Nobody came to deliver but the parcel has been filed as “rejected” 5 times. Neither I nor FairAir can explain why. But I hope we’ll get the filters soon; see screenshot below.


Yes, @Greg_Airey it’s very likely that I’ll have some spare sets - let’s just hope they arrive next week…