Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


Hi All

Ordered via fairair - Order ref: ORD167182 total €150.53

I’ve ordered:
@MelM 3 x sets
@renegadex9 2 x sets
@falco 2 x sets
@ianricha 2 x sets
@diederick_hattingh 2 x sets
Me 2 x sets

I’ll let you know when they arrive and I’ll let you know cost when it shows up on my bank account.



The filters have been despatched today. They are coming from the Netherlands. I’ll keep an eye on the shipment tracking.



I was charged £126.60 by FairAir and £3.78 for International Debit Card Transaction!
So cost per set is £10.00 (I’ll let you all off the 2p!! ;))

I’ll let you know when they arrive.



Hi @Trudy_Sharam , thanks a lot for this. The amazing thing is that the filters only cost half of what we paid when I ordered them: Back then, the total came to £19 for two sets of two filters. Quite a difference! Have they changed their prices, or did you order a lot? Anyway, I’ll send you a PM in a minute, about the money & collection. BIG THANKS, Trudy.


Oh, my maths is soooo crap! It’s also a tenner per pair, “innit”


Hi Everyone

The filters arrived today :blush:

Just in time as mine are shocking!!

@MelM 3 x sets
@renegadex9 2 x sets
@falco 2 x sets
@ianricha 2 x sets
@diederick_hattingh 2 x sets
Me 2 x sets

I’ve attached a picture of the order confirmation plus my bank charged me £3.78 international card fee. They work out at £10 per set.

I’ll message you all directly with my bank details & address you can either transfer or bring cash with you when you collect. I don’t mind either way.

I’m around all weekend if you want to collect. Also around a bit next week.



Just to thank @Trudy_Sharam for taking this on.


I’m logging in after long time and thanks everyone for loads of useful information and tips. I’m in similar situation to replace filters and planning to buy few sets.

Let me know if anyone else on similar boat?


Hi Arun - I would be keen to participate in the next group delivery!


@MelM I still have your filters. Are you around to collect them at all?



I’d be in for two sets in the next run as well. No rush though.


Hi All,

Thanks fyi! Just logging in after long time.

Will update after order!

#94 - a site from whom people in this thread including me have purchased filters - sent me a discount code - 10% off until 31st December. The discount code is:



Hi @TriathlonHomes

Any news on the servicing? It’s been a year and a half now… Apologies if I missed the update on this that was apparently going out the end of the week (In January 2016…). Perhaps you posted this outside of this thread?

Also, anyone want to pitch in together and buy sets as per @Falco and @Trudy_Sharam



Anyone still keen for a fresh batch of filters?


Yes please


Yes please!


Yes please if it’s not too late.


Hey guys… new to this forum.

Just wanted to share as I found a UK based online shop that sell MVHR replacement air filters for very cheap! Worth checking out…


Hi @martinH, clicking on your name, I see you’re quite new, and that this is your only post. Welcome!

Could you please tell us what price the filters are? I seem not to be able to choose anything from the drop-down menu but the £18 option - and those are definitely not cheap, neither the right type. How did you manage to find the correct filters / prices?