Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


@joaofonseca70, @graemewise please see your private Yonder emails regarding payment and collection of your filters as they have now arrived. Thanks.


Sorry Bob for the delay. I just transfer the money to your account


If anyone wants to do another order I’ve been given a discount code. Not sure how much off though.

As appreciation you can use the discount code in our webshop (The code valid for 2 months) FAIRAIR8108


Thanks @boarderbob

Does anyone else want to order any filters? I’m going to order some.


Hello @Trudy_Sharam , I would like to order 2 sets too, if you haven’t placed an order yet



Mine are getting really worn (mostly from vacuuming, I honestly can’t tell the difference between attached fluff and the filter itself) and I’m wondering if GGL are responsible for replacing these for their residents or if we have to do it ourselves. I’ve already emailed them and will report back when I find out but interested if anyone else has had the same conversation with them in the past.


@ianricha I haven’t ordered yet was waiting to see if any others wanted to order any.

Will order in next couple of weeks.
I’ll add you to list.




I would like two 2 sets, please. Thanks!


Thanks Trudy!


Just to let you know that I’ll be ordering filters Thurs next week 25th Aug.
Anyone else want any?


Four sets please. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi @Trudy_Sharam Could I get in on this and order three sets please?


Will add you both to the list. I’ll let you all know costs when I place order next week.


Hi Trudy, thanks for taking this on. Any update / developments? Thanks!


Apologies work totally took over.!!

So based upon buying 13 sets of filters it works out at €150.53 in total (€11.57 per set). Each set has two filters in. This includes a discount of €7.77 using the code provided by @boarderbob

Before I finalise the order can I just check that you want the following:
@melm 3 x sets
@renegadex9 4 x sets
@Falco 2 x sets
@ianricha 2 x sets
Me 2 x sets

I’ll let you know the £ rate once I’ve paid via my bank. I’ll then provide my bank details so you can transfer money or you can give me cash when you collect.

Please confirm you want the above numbers.



I confirm: 2 sets


Hi Trudy,

That’s great. Yes please, 2 sets for me.

Thank you,


Hi Trudy, can I please have 2 sets? Many thanks, Dereck


Thanks for sorting this @Trudy_Sharam. 3 sets please :slight_smile:


Please change to 2 sets. Thanks!