Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


The sentinel system does seem to be both important and convoluted. Is it perhaps a suggestion that the E20 Tech team look at doing a video to help explain some of the key parts and processes @rebeccawand


The company told me that it doesn’t matter which side faces the ventilation system.

No news yet, I’m afraid - but I certainly will inform all of you here as soon as I hear something.

Heating problems & leak

Hello @TriathlonHomes, on 5 Oct, i.e. more than 3 months ago, you wrote:

“We are also in the process of discussing the annual servicing procedure
with our partners. We’re aware that some apartments are now out of date
so this is a priority for the team. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have
more information.”

Could you please provide us with an update?

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Hello @Falco

We’re afraid that we do not have an update just yet, we’re in the middle of planning out a detailed service programme with our partners that features annual servicing procedures and much more. We will aim to provide a further update by the end of this week.

Apologies that we cannot be as helpful as we would like to be at this moment in time, please bear with us.

Triathlon Homes


Hi Falco
I need to change the filters of MVHR. Can you please let me know from where did you buy these and the price as well.


Hi @Sonia, please scroll up to my post from 15 October:

and click on the various blue links which will bring to to the respective company(s).
We finally ordered from fairfair.


Thanks Falco!!


Does anyone want to band together and order a bunch of these, similar to what @Falco did last year?


Hey @boarderbob

I’d be keen on getting a set so count me in.


Please count me in too. Thanks!


I would be keen as well

Thanks J


Great! Getting good numbers. Will wait a couple more days to see if others want to share a bulk order.


Count me in as well. :slight_smile:


I can have 2 sets please. Thanks for putting the order!!


Hello, yes, thanks for doing this - I’ll come in for two sets as well.


Can I get a set please too?


Yes please, I’ll have a set


Am I too late? If not I’d like to get a set now too


If not too late I’d like to order 2 sets.


Sorry, I placed the order on Tuesday. If there are any spares I’ll let you know.