Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


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No, I haven’t ordered yet but I definitely want to do it this week. Met with @renegadex9 the other day and had a chat. Looks like we’ll get 2 or 3 sets each, and we’ll share the costs for p&p. Anyone who wants to join, let me know soon. I’m happy to pay with my credit card (no fees for Euro transactions), and I’ll let you have the statement, and then we simply divide the p&p by the sets bought. (If we get to 12 sets, p&p will be free, btw.)


Thanks Falco
Put me down for two packs and I can transfer money to you. I can use Barclays pingit to your mobile if that works for you, otherwise you could pm details with final cost


OK, @jools I’ve put you down for 2 packs. I’ll wait a couple of days with the order, to see what the others say.
And I’ll PM you my bank details once I have the bill.


Hi Falco
I would like to have 2 packs too.
Please send me your bank details and I can transfer you the money.
Thanks you for doing that.


Thanks, will do.



@joaofonseca70 = two packs
@jools = two packs
@renegadex9 = two packs
myself = two packs

I am planning to order on Thursday or Friday.


2 packs :slight_smile:


Thanks! :grinning:


@jools @renegadex9 @joaofonseca70

Dear All,

I have just ordered 2 packs for each of us = 8 packs.

Please find some screen shots below. I have anonymised them as this forum is open to many people, but I will of course pm my details to the three of you in due course.

Please note:

  • the cost of the filters is 90.82 Euros
  • we get a discount of 4.78 Euro
  • p&p is 12.95 Euro
  • credit card fee is 2.08 Euro
  • the total for the 8 packs comes to 105.85 Euro
  • that is 26.4624 Euros for each of us
  • we’ll see from my credit card bill how much that is in GBP
  • I would expect something around 19 GBP for each of us.

I’ll keep you updated.



That is ok! Keep me posted.
I think all of us should then audit how long does it take to go back again to the same condition by taking weekly picture. I think in less than an month and they will be black.


You want weekly photos?
Only a crazy guy like me would do that.
So I’m sure up for it!
And I will post them here :smile:

We do serious German-Catalan cooking at home, so our filters will be a complete mess in no time…


Last Winter during a visit from the technician he changed me the filters and 2 weeks after everything was black! I want to see now what happen with yours? Why would it go black so quickly, air pollution, lack of maintenance?
Probably you have investigated more in this topic but is this filter connected to your extractor? I thought it was to clean air that ventilates the flat. Do you know where the air comes from and where does it go?Another question, the round ventilation sets in ceiling should suck air or blow air?


Ah, I mentioned the weekly photos because the technician suggested to hoover them every week!


@jools @renegadex9 @joaofonseca70

The filters have just arrived, I sent each of you a personal message.


PS: Yes, I’ll sure monitor my filters, and how they change over time. Good idea, I think.


@jools @renegadex9 @joaofonseca70

I’m definitely in all day until 10:30pm today, and probably also on Thursday and Friday, with short interruptions for sports, shopping, coffee, and the like. So it might be good to call me on the landline (you’ve got the number in the pm I sent to you) before you make your way to my flat.


Ok guys, thank you all very much.
This went very well.
Good night,


Hello @TriathlonHomes, on 5 Oct you wrote:

“We are also in the process of discussing the annual servicing procedure
with our partners. We’re aware that some apartments are now out of date
so this is a priority for the team. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have
more information.”

Just to say “thank you”, and also to point out that in their user manual, VentAxia indeed write a bit about the necessary “12 Monthly Maintenance” (p. 14)

Best wishes,


I am just revisiting this old post @joaofonseca70 and was surprised by the rate of ‘blackening’ of your filters (within two weeks). For me it is something like within 3 months it gets dirty.

I’m not convinced that it is pollution from the outside, and am wondering if it it is oil and soot extracted from the cooker.

@joaofonseca70 May I ask if you cook and fry food a lot? Could that be cause of the soot.

Another observation is that it is my left hand filter that tends to get dirty, but I’m not sure that goes through the left filter… Any one else know?


Hello @TriathlonHomes, Like @Falco I am wondering what is the latest on this issue of maintenance of the Sentinel Kinetics? Could we get an update on this soon, and an action plan in Q1 2016? That would be appreciated.

Thank you very much for your attention on this.

For general info to everyone on this thread, I noticed that the website, from which the filters were purchased, shows a video about what the maintenance looks like here:


Hi @Samuel.

We don’t deep frying at all!! We do stir fry at least once in 3-4 times a week.
Since I’ve bought the new filters I did not have the time to put them on, but today I decided to do it. I will monitor it and let you all know what happen. My only problem is which way should each one of them face the ventilation system (@Falco) ?

Thanks for yor help.