Sentinel Kinetic MVHR filter maintenance


We moved into our flat half a year ago. Today, for the first time since then, the Sentinel Kinetic MVHR showed “check filter” on its display. So I took out the filter - and it was full of thick, black, glistening grease - see photo attached.

No, I did not take this photo with a flash, the fat actually glistens like that.

Now, on page 73 of our Residents Handbook, one reads the following about filter cleaning:
“Cleaning gently by tapping or carefully using a vacuum cleaner if necessary.”

Obviously, this does not apply in our case: I touched the surface only once, and I had all the goo on my fingers. Yuk!

Can anybody advise us on this? Are we the only ones with such greasy filters? (Yes, we actually do “real” cooking.) Does @TriathlonHomes provide replacements? Or how does this work?


Vent Axia ventilation systems

Did you check the filters when you moved in? Ours were covered in black soot like above and GLL replaced them for us. They are now quite dirty again after 9 months. Hoovering them is fairly ineffective. I think it just shows how polluted the London air is!


Exactly the same. Hoovering does not change anything even if you do it every week. After our replacement in less than 2 weeks it was black again. Let’s wait for Triathlon to come back on this. I would suggest that at least they should sell it at a cheap price so you could change more frequently otherwise it might be doing the job at all.


Hello all,

Thanks for your posts and we’re sorry to hear about the issues with clogged filters. We encourage residents to regularly clean the filters following the instructions provided in the Residents Handbook. Vent-Axia, the supplier, advised us that if the filters are cleaned regularly they should only need to be replaced every 12 months. They also informed us that the rate at which the filters become dirty will vary hugely depending on the environment. Unfortunately this means that due to higher level of pollution in central London, filters may blacken quicker than usual.

It’s the responsibility of the resident to maintain the MVHR system by regularly cleaning the filters and Triathlon Homes do not provide replacement filters.

The MVHR system requires upkeep but it also provides a lot of benefits too including reducing bills through increased energy efficiency, tackling condensation and providing a constant flow of air around the apartment.

Triathlon Homes


Yes, the filters were fine when we moved in. No issues at all. And yes, the black stuff is most probably London pollution but the gooey grease must be from cooking. I’m a bit worried that all the fat seems to go straight through the extractor fan. I don’t want to know how the MVHR looks inside - probably full of greasy goo.

Thanks. As I said, the tips in the handbook seem not to work for us. having read your message, I gave the filters a gently clean with water and detergent, which only helped a little bit. I think they need replacement. Can you please provide a contact at Vent-Axia? I’d like to enquire about costs, etc.




According to section 3.4 of the Residents Handbook, and concerning the MVHR, it is the “Landlord’s responsibility” to “arrange for the whole unit to be periodically serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.”

How regularly will the MVHR be serviced? Annually?


Hi Falco,

Many apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We have never ordered replacements in the past so we need to do a small amount of research about where is best to buy them. Please bear with us while we look into this.

We are also looking into your query regarding our responsibilities regarding maintenance of the unit.

Thank you for your patience – we will get back to you shortly.

Kind regards,
Triathlon Homes


@TriathlonHomes @joaofonseca70 @l_yates

I measured my filters and I arrived at 230 x 190 mm.
Having checked the Vent-Axia website, what comes closest to it are the
Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic G4 + M5 filters 235 x 185 mm

There are also manuals available but I cannot identify the model of our MVHR,
as there is nor serial number etc. to be found on it, see photos below.

(Also, the sticker on the MVHR seems to recommend annual servicing. It appears that ours was due for servicing a year ago, i.e. in November 2014.)


Hi @Falco

We hope you had a great weekend, thank you for this post, it’s very useful for everyone. We have been advised that the best way to order replacement filters is by calling Vent Axia on 0844 856 0590 and quoting your model number. As you pointed out above, this isn’t featured on the unit. We’re currently waiting on confirmation of the model number and will be back in touch as soon as we know more.

We are also in the process of discussing the annual servicing procedure with our partners. We’re aware that some apartments are now out of date so this is a priority for the team. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have more information.

Triathlon Homes


Hi @Falco,

Please refer to page 70, Section 3.4 of the East Village Residents Handbook for the model name and number; Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic 200 MVHR unit with cooker hood (model 442234).

The best way to order replacement filters is by calling Vent Axia on 0844 856 0590 and quoting your model number.

Triathlon Homes


Oh, thanks!


@TriathlonHomes @l_yates @joaofonseca70

Just to tie up the few remining lose strings:

I just called Vent-Axia on 0844 8560 590 and told them that our Vent-Axia Sentinel Kinetic 200 MVHR unit with cooker hood (model 442234) need replacement filters. Vent-Axia told me to buy filters with part number 441774. Which are indeed the ones I thought they might be.

Prices which I found for 1 pair of filters, including taxes, are:

11.95 Euros (!) = currently £8.81 plus E12.95 for p&p = currently £9.55 = TOTAL £18.36. Apparently, it makes no difference for the p&p whether one orders 1 pair or 10 pairs.

Or £27.44 + £2.99 p&p = TOTAL £30.43

Or £34.31 incl. p&p (TOTAL)

Or £33.46 + £8.40 p&p = TOTAL £41.86

So it might be worth buying for more than 1 household.

Any suggestions?


Perhaps we can pool together an order and divide the fixed p&p. Did you happen to hear if they have discounts for large orders? I am also looking at getting some filters.



I’ve looked & played around a bit:

One receives a 5% discount when one orders 2 packs (with 2 filters per pack) or more.

Shipping costs become zero once 12 packs (with 2 filters per pack) are ordered. So they must have a “+130 Euro” rule, or something.



Hi, I’ll definitely buy 2 packs. Do you want any? We can share the p&p. I will let you have a look my credit card bill so that you see how much it was in pounds. And I don’t pay fees for credit card transactions in Euros, btw.

Nobody else seems to be interested, so…



Thanks Falco. I sent you a message. :smile:


Have you ordered already? Missed the update on the timeline. Would share p+p if you haven’t but don’t worry if I’m too late


I also missed your posts. Can we still order as a group?


It seems ridiculous that it is such a faff to get replacement filters as well as light bulbs, you’d think that this would have been thought about… I may buy a bulk of everything and set up a EV residents shop for thinks like this…