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I live in Galena Heights, Mirabelle Gardens. Where I believe the birds are nesting on our roofs.

I think the young Ines have hats he’d and are now adding to this excruciating noise.

I’ve tried to attach a video from my phone taken this morning showing how bad the noise is of the annoying seagulls at 4.30am. This is a small sample that can last up to 2 hours. This won’t let me upload but if anyone at GLL or Triathlon or Newham want to hear this. Please contact me.

I’m exhausted and fed up with being woken every morning by this hideous noise.

Triathlon have told me it’s the law they can not move the best bit now they have hatched and are flying around surely they can move them and put something up there to stop this happening again.

This happened last year and I complained and nothing was done.

If I wanted to gear seagulls I’d live by the sea.

Please can something be done. I accept other general community noise but this is too much.



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