The fake birds have hanged themselves and don’t move anymore. Maybe a cheaper version of the good stuff used last year? Maybe worth revising that, @TriathlonHomes & @GetLivingLondon as more and more seagulls are coming in. And as @Tony pointed out: “They are return nesters and increase with each generation.”

The Scarecrow I spotted seems to work - but not the sitting plastic bird of prey. Worth a try though, isn’t it.


@TriathlonHomes I have seen more and more seagulls on the roof over the last few days and the fake falcon on our block has disappeared. Why hasn’t more pretentative measures been taken? Smoke thing better to deter them from nesting on the roofs. I do not want to have another summer like last year with being woken by hideous screaming gulls @ 4am. You have no idea how bad that noise is. Please look into this urgently.


I live by Mirabelle Gardens and have seen (/heard!) lots more the past couple of days… not a good sign… Like @debbsp67 I would ask that you/@GetLivingLondon please look into this asap!


Be aware that the Triathlon account on the site hasn’t logged in or posted since 2016 (and while the GLL account does log in semi-regularly it hasn’t posted since 2016 either) so I’m not sure how much they actually read. I’d definitely recommend emailing or calling them about this.