I live on Mirabelle Gardens and I believe Seagulls are nesting on the roof of the flats on Ribbons Walk. I’ve seen them on there most days.

My complaint is the noise they make every morning @ 5.00 onwards. The squawking is like a screaming child and the noise echoes around the courtyard. I’m getting fed up with being woken at a ridiculous hour by this hideous noise.

I’m all for the wildlife around here but can’t this nest be moved to the wetlands? I wan why are seagulls here when we are nowhere near the sea!

Thanks Deborah


Not that this helps with the noise but gulls often live inland and even coastal gulls don’t spend much time at sea. The term “seagull” is something of a misnomer. So it’s not unreasonable to see them around, especially in an area with a river or wetlands nearby.

The usual response from Triathlon on here to any request is “please email us” so I’d recommend doing that as well. @EastVillageCEO or @EVRA may also be able to help.


haha yeah, the ubiquitous “please email us”!


Hi @debbsp67

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the noise problem. We’ll pass your message onto the East Village Management team for them to investigate.

Triathlon Homes


Same for buildings on Napa Close.
It’s not only a noise problem, @TriathlonHomes
We live on the top floor, and they s**t all over the place.
Plus, they “attack” us. Well - or try to do so. We’re too close to the nest, it seems…


@TriathlonHomes this seems like quite an issue, as they are causing areal nuisance. It may need some kind of pest control, especially if they are attacking people on their balconies!!!


@debbsp67 just this evening my partner and I (who also live by Mirabelle) were saying how strange it is that tons of VERY noisey seagulls have suddenly appeared recently! We’ve lived in our place 2.5 years and have rarely noticed a seagull around here until now. I’m all for urban nature but agree that they are a bit of a nuisance… And not very nice that they’re attacking people!


They’re not really attacking - they’re trying to prove that they’ll do. I’ll film it next time.



They’re back…


Don’t I know it a lovely 4am screeching alarm call every morning


I guess we’ve all seen the “Triathlon Homes newsletter August 2017”:

It has been bought to our attention that noise from seagulls is causing a nuisance to residents. East Village Management Limited (EVML) manages the communal spaces and will be looking into the problem around September or October of this year.

Gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The act says that it is illegal for anyone to recklessly damage or destroy an active nest or its contents. We will keep this in mind when trying to deter gulls and the nuisance they may cause.


Yes they emailed me the same info as I had complained. They need to put up netting once they move on, so they don’t nest next year as there are definitely more than last year!


@TriathlonHomes @GetLivingLondon @NewhamCouncil

I live in Galena Heights, Mirabelle Gardens. Where I believe the birds are nesting on our roofs.

I think the young Ines have hats he’d and are now adding to this excruciating noise.

I’ve tried to attach a video from my phone taken this morning showing how bad the noise is of the annoying seagulls at 4.30am. This is a small sample that can last up to 2 hours. This won’t let me upload but if anyone at GLL or Triathlon or Newham want to hear this. Please contact me.

I’m exhausted and fed up with being woken every morning by this hideous noise.

Triathlon have told me it’s the law they can not move the best bit now they have hatched and are flying around surely they can move them and put something up there to stop this happening again.

This happened last year and I complained and nothing was done.

If I wanted to gear seagulls I’d live by the sea.

Please can something be done. I accept other general community noise but this is too much.



Good info here. They are return nesters and increase with each generation. However there are things that can be done. East Village Management just need to sort it out.


With the open roof hatch…

…excrement and feathers are everywhere. Nice smell!

But I can see that something is being tried out:

Let’s see if it works :wink:


I can see this from our flat and I must admit it keeps making me chuckle :laughing: Any signs that it’s working? I’ve seen/heard seaguls flying above it but wondered if it’s deterring them from landing?


I seems to work! My girlfriend and I think that the situation has improved significantly. So thanks to @TriathlonHomes or/and @GetLivingLondon for finding this environmentally friendly solution so quickly. Matters can still be improved but it’s a truly excellent start, we think.


I week ago, I got slighly worried about the seagulls, so I’d like to say “thank you” to @TriathlonHomes and/ot @GetLivingLondon for putting up the fake birds of prey again.


Unfortunately, the seagulls appear to be unimpressed…