Results of the Sleep Deprivation Questionnaire


Back in February I asked for your help in a mini research about Sleep deprivation. Thank you very much to all who have participated. There were 64 participants from local neighbourhoods. The raffle was done in a following way - from the list of participants I’ve deleted all without an e-mail. I’ve entered the number of participants in the e-mail in the Randomiser app. I’ve looked up the spreadsheet line with that number and informed the winner, then deleted all remaining e-mails. The prize went to Hackney Wick.

As for the results, this was what I found from your answers:
33% struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep
22% have trouble falling asleep but sleep well after
20% have no problem falling asleep but wake up often during the night or are very light sleepers
8% sleep fairly well but wake up too early, are tired when waking up or have difficulties to wake up
6% suffer from some pain or discomfort that prevents them from sleeping
5% suffer from insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation
3% have temporary sleeping difficulties due to stress from work, or are having a baby
3% have no problem sleeping whatsoever

I now understand better how I will be better able to help those with chronic sleep deprivation, whatever the cause. I am planning another little questionnaire soon, also with a draw, where I’ll be looking into causes of sleep deprivation. Stay tuned!