Reflexology Winter Treat


It’s that time of the year and while some are looking forward to (and hoping for) snow, others are planing an escape to warmer places. Those who are staying can try Hot Stone Reflexology either in East Village Health Centre or in Leyton Sports Massage Clinic (in Fitness First near big Asda).

Hot Stone Reflexology is not just a treat for cold feet. The heat from thermal stones penetrates deep into tissues and enhances the reflexology treatment and makes it more effective in shorter time.

The treatments are either 60min or 45min and have to be booked a week in advance.

To book treatments in Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health Centre please go to - Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

To book at Leyton Sports Massage Clinic (Saturdays from 3pm to 7pm) please go to

If you have never tried Reflexology and are not sure if it is for you, why not book a session through Echo. You can have 1 full session (60min) only and pay with Echos. To book your slot please go to Economy of Hours website.