I find it a bit surprising that there’s not much here on Yonder about @RedYellowBlue, located at the corner of Victory Parade and Napa Close, so I thought I might as well write something.

Like so many of us, I often went to the Neighbourhood when I moved in about two and a half years ago. But as soon as RedYellowBlue opened, I changed venue.

Admittedly, RYB’s choice of beer can’t compete with Neighbourhood’s choice. But folks, I’ve been trying many (not to say: “all”) of the beers in N. and although they have many good ones, they sure can’t compete with RYB’s two on-tap craft beers. And moreover, during the “Happy Minutes” (Thurs & Fri 5-8, Sat 2-8) all house products, including their pints, are £3.50 which is unbeatable value for money.

And the manager (I think she is) Rachel (I think that’s her name) is a great person, always welcoming and helpful.

What can I say — Highly Recommended! Open Thursdays to Sundays. Give it a try.

Finally, just to say that I think they should advertise their stuff (see below) more on Yonder.


Second that. Thoroughly enjoyable Sunday roasts are worth a try too.


Agree completely.
Also the best burgers in East Village by far



+1 on the burgers, they are exceptionally good, highly recommend the food, the chef is great.

Yet to try the roast, looking forward to that.


Are there any deals or discounts at RedYellowBlue at the moment?


Just wanted to bump this!

Best burgers locally in my opinion, decent music played on vinyl, relaxed vibe, can’t believe it’s a Friday night and SO quiet with live DJ… oh well, enjoying the moment, hope you do too

Now playing:




The soundtrack to my wedding day even…