Redyellowblue closed


We went to the “redyellowblue” last week to ask if we could book a table for mid-December, to celebrate a birthday party (I had celebrated mine there in October, and we liked it very much) and we were told it wouldn’t be a problem. Today, we had informed all 22 people about it, so we went to do the reservation - only to find a sign on the door saying it’s closed for refurbishment. Bit disaapointing - and a bit embarrassing, too. I wonder if it’ll ever open again. It never ran well. (Our well-loved Rachel is not the manager anymore, by the way.)


Sorry to hear about your disappointment @Falco and that they’ve closed for refurbishment. I’m even more sorry @Rachel_Harrison has stepped back. I was under the impression she was still involved in events etc.

The food is incredibly good, so can’t wait to see @RedYellowBlue back in the new year!


That’s it:


Yes I really enjoyed the burgers there!