Purchasing a New Laptop; Advice Request Please


I have only ever owned an iMac for two main reasons; 1) I’m a luddite & Apple’s customer Service, (they do everything for you) is excellent, and 2) I was told I’d never have to worry about viruses, which has been true. I now need to switch to a laptop, but the iBooks pricey and above my budget. If I were to switch to a non Apple laptop, will I be able to transfer everything from my iMac, including all my music on iTunes? Will I still be able to use iTunes & to sync my iPhone with the laptop? Or given that I will need to pay someone to set up my new laptop on my behalf, & purchase anti-virus software mean that it would be a false economy for me to make the change?
Thanks in advance for help anyone may be able to provide.
Kindest regards,



Hi Roseann

I am primarily Windows 7 & 10 based laptop user. I’ve had some basic experience of Mac OS X (Macbook Pro) as my sister uses one. I agree with you that Mac has been always more secure than windows as it is based on Unix based operating system which is more secure by design.

If you opt for Windows 10 based laptop, you will have relatively more secure operating system (than Windows 7) as it comes with inbuilt virus and spyware protection system and my understanding is that you do not need to install additional ant-virus software (which will save you money and time).

Yes, you will be able to continue using iTunes and sync your iPhone with Windows 10 laptop without any problem.



Thank you for taking the time to respond Daniel. It is much appreciated, and your response is very helpful.
Kindest regards & best wishes,