Pudding Mill Lane and Bridgewater Development


LLDC is gathering comments about the Pudding Mill Lane/Bridgewater new development and the surrounding areas around The Greenway, Marshgate Lane, Loop Road, the London Marathon Community Track and other areas close by where we practice our sport activities, live and work. I believe the Pudding Mill development is very important and it will improve the area. My concerns are about the ‘cement factory’ just the opposite side of The Greenway/VT Cafe that still going and a new planning for a permanent ‘factory’ site was sent to the authorities and for me, it no longer makes sense for the area, the site is causing air pollution, it is an eyesore and the area where it is situated needs to be developed for the community, perhaps a green space/communal garden, etc… The area is surrounded by new homes, schools (two just the opposite side), sport facilities, run clubs, a running track, and soon, a new campus for UCL East and on a windy day (that is very common in this part for the town) tiny particles of dust is causing high levels of air pollution and of course, that is affecting everyone. I made a comment about that (just check the map and click on the comments), I also added that The Greenway/towpaths need to be improved, more greenery/planting is needed, the area is mostly dirty and unkept (especially the towpaths/canals), etc… You can comment and get your voice heard on this link: https://puddingmillmap.commonplace.is/comments

For more information about the project go here: https://puddingmillmap.commonplace.is/about