Pudding Mill Allotments


The newly established allotments site at Pudding Mill will be open to the public as a part of Open Garden Squares Weekend 2017 - our gates will be open to visitors from noon until 4pm on Sunday 18th June.
For more information about the site please visit our website : www.mgs-puddingmill.org
For more information about the London-wide event go to www.opensquares.org
Come and get a coffee and have a stroll around our gardens - see what a small community can achieve in a season!!
The site is located to the south of the Olympic Park on Bridgewater Road, just North of Stratford High Street where the small Tesco is.


Please Note - entry to the Allotment Site is free for this event!


Thanks for sharing this Mark, great to see you on Yonder. Sorry I cannot make it down, would be good to see some photos of the activities and allotments in full bloom! Hope the event goes well!


Cheers Lee, you’re welcome for a nosey anytime!

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Allotment open day 2018!
This year’s event will be 10 June from Noon until 4pm. Do drop in for a nosey around if you’re around and about Bridgewater Road on Sunday.