Plot N17: Hotel Developer Public Drop-in session - Update: 13th April 2016


Lovely to see everyone tonight and chat with the developers. Not many people showed but that’s normal of course especially if you like the plans etc .

Re the roof and facilities when it gets there late 2017/2018 it’ll be open to all but you have to join. That’s just to police, that’s all like joining the E20 Club etc. Obviously more details will become available nearer the time and in the meantime watch this space on news. It’ll be a couple of years before we get to this stage of course. Just like any potential deals on accommodation for people that live here.

The plans should be submitted towards the end of January as per the timelines already in place with LLDC/developers. It’s an interesting process because we’re pretty much living in a unique environment where the plans were laid out/agreed at basic level before any of us had ever heard of the Stratford City Plan.

Anyway looking forward to the progress.


Thank you so much Claire for your update on the Public Drop-in session. Regarding the E20 Club at the Holiday Inn that was a really good information. My parents are coming soon but there was some reduced prices at Premier Inn so this time they will stay there. I will also ask them about their deal for residents and I will come back to you.


Hello All,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to @BenGreen_UHS who is a representative of Union Hanover Securities (UHS), and has kindly agreed to make himself available on Yonder to interact with EV residents.

Thank you for your time Ben, and it was lovely meeting you on Thursday at the public drop-in session. I look forward to your updates regarding this development and I hope you find engaging with our community a rewarding experience!




@becks, @joaofonseca70 and anyone else that is interested there is a deal with Westfield and the Great Northern Hotel that I’d forgotten about. Only available until 31 January though.

Hotel Offer


The plans have been submitted to the LLDC. 70 odd docs but one I have just started reading is very interesting - the head count on the drop-in session was 19 people but 127 people signed an online petition!! All related comments and some pics of some of us are on there.

The application no is 15/00041/REM - search LLDC planning


It was ever so quiet that evening, those stats are interesting. Well done Claire this is a great spot, thanks for taking the time to share the details.


The rest are worse (or better depending on what your POV is) - 1 phone message, 2 completed feedback forms and 5 emails. That’s from distribution of the booklet to the 2818 homes in EV by hand (obviously not all are occupied but a big chunk are) and 943 mailouts though some of that may be duplication as we got both. One thing is for sure is that again it’s proved people just don’t know what is going on round here because nearly all the other planned builds are higher than Vesta and they already have planning permission.

Anyway, off to read the rest of it.


Just received the LLDC letter re this. Deadline for comments (not just objections) is 27 February and this can be done in the usual way.


LLDC’s Quality Review Panel (an independent group of architects who advise the LLDC but aren’t actually involved in the decision making) seem to have given the N17 hotels a positive review in their report:
Thursday 26 February 2015 Penny Brook Hotel QRP Report.pdf (370.6 KB)


Also for once those that talk tall buildings on generally love it which is rare if you’ve read threads on there before!


The LLDC say yes!

Newham Recorder report

LLDC Planning Application 15/00041/REM


Slight variations to [URL=“<a%20href=wphappcriteria.display>Search%20Criteria</a>%20>%20<a%20href=‘wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=148586%26StartIndex=1%26SortOrder=APNID:asc%26DispResultsAs=wphappsresweek1%26BackURL=<a%20href=wphappcriteria.display>Search%20Criteria</a>’>Search%20Results</a>”]planning application[/URL] Penny Brooke Hotel.

Looking forward to seeing this one going up, a perfect compliment to the Manhattan Loft Gardens.


Man, that is straight from the 1970’s!!! You see these kind of buildings in cities like Sao Paolo and Jeddah… This will date very quickly. :frowning:


It’s a relief that it’s all going to vary throughout the entire Stratford City masterplan. I really like the glass box at the top, also a fan of the open arches at the bottom will look like the whole building is balancing on stilts. N17 feels a bit Gaudi to me…


I love Gaudi, The problem is the devil is in the detail (that’s why Gaudi’s designs are an architects’ dream but a construction firm’s nightmare!) If there’s not enough detail, then it looks half-baked and cheap (a’la 1970s)

I have looked at the Architect Firm’s other work on their website - Some of their work is great!

I’m not a fan of this aluminium tube facades on the top and bottom of plot N17 but it might look much better in real life?


I think I found their inspiration: Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer


It looks like @TobyJon 's concerns have were quite valid and the original Grywinski+Pons designs have been found to have “fundamental issues” regarding the length and cost of the construction programme and supply chain availability, according to the latest newsletter from the developers.

GL Hearn is now holding a consultation for a revised and scaled-back design for the hotel. While the Adagio part is largely unchanged, The “Penny Brook” part is now re-named The Gantry and features a much simpler design faced with vertical louvres. An exterior terrace on the second floor replaces the original plan for floor to be completely open around columns.

The overall mass of the hotel appears at first glance to be similar (although there is relatively little detail and no images of the rear elevation), and it will retain the plans for a cafe and restaurant at ground/1st floor and a restaurant and skybar at the top of the hotel. The interior is re-arranged to provide 304 rooms, vs. the previous plan’s 249.

The consultation is open until 27th April and comments can be emailed to
A drop in session to view the plans will be held at Chobham Academy on Wednesday 13th April from 7pm-9pm.
The developers aim to make a revised reserved matters application following the consultation, and if LLDC approve it in the summer, work could potentially begin in October with completion in Q3 2018.

Image from GL Hearn “Plot N17 Stratford” brochure, which should be being distributed to homes in East Village.


Thanks for sharing @Ben — it’s in the diary.

Thanks @TobyJon — It’s certainly going to be interesting how this ends up, not long to wait from what Ben mentions on dates


“The Gantry”?

That’ll be the 2nd building in QEOP to have that name. Is that wise?


I hadn’t though about that…
At least they’ve got rid of the name The Penny Brook - it gave the impression that they’d miss-read the street name ‘Penny Brookes Street’, or didn’t realise what it was named for.