Plot N17: Hotel Developer Public Drop-in session - Update: 13th April 2016


Event GL Hearn public drop-in session re. Plot N17
Date Thursday 8th January 2014, 7-9pm
Location Chobham Academy

Planning proposals are being produced for the N17 development plot on the corner of Celebration Avenue and Penny Brookes Street, next to Sainsbury’s Local. The two proposed buildings, a ‘Boutique hotel’ and ‘Aparthotel’, follow the original pre-2012 Stratford City Masterplan, with the site currently identified by black painted hoardings.

The developer is holding a public drop-in session on Thursday 8th January 2014, 7-9pm at Chobham Academy. The developer will also be delivering a newsletter directly to East Village residents’ homes with details of the current proposal for the hotels within the next few days.

If you have any feedback, please contact Tom Byrne at GL Hearn by email:

Further reading of future local planning:

The International Quarter (TIQ), Stratford

Does EVRA have any plans to reply to this formally? Or should we just make our own representations?


The plans (on the GL Hearn leaflet we received in the post) are interesting and looking forward to the public event on 8th Jan.

Design is very futuristic, modern gothic skinny arches and gaping voids. I like the night time shot, you get a real sense of the future metropolis.

I’ve requested some pictures to document on here for discussion from Tom Byrne.


Download the PDF:

JPG Conversion of PDF below:

Two 30+ storey blocks in N08 plot in East Village

Hi Jess,
EVRA will discuss whether to put in a formal submission at our next Committee Meeting in January. But, even if we do, I would definitely still encourage individual residents (with their own point of view) to submit comments to the relevant planning authorities.
All best wishes,
Michael Horsley


Yes, I really like the futuristic design too! I think it will be an awesome building (add on) to the Village… it is elegant!


I love the design too, I am really excited about these new developments!

Prior to moving to East Village I did a lot of research on the Stratford Metropolitan Masterplan and I was fascinated by the grand vision for the area, which was once a deprived industrial wasteland. Its great news that all these firms want to invest and build here, we now have a world class shopping mall, some of the best transport links in London and several Olympic sporting facilities right on our doorstep :smiley:

Thanks for the details @Lee I’ll definitely be there for the public consultation.


I’ll be there to, it being my favourite subject. I’m sure you already know this but there is no point making anyone making any representation until plans have been submitted to the LLDC and they haven’t been yet. Also, again, as I’m sure you know, the planning was agreed years ago, you can only question design and logistics (latter won’t be submitted until after the design has been approved), not about it being built at all. That was in the Stratford part of the London Plan pre Olympics.

Excellent they are doing this consultation meeting outside of what LLDC would insist they do (as for N08, I’m guessing they’ll do that for this too) I like the design, a step away from concrete Moscow (the words of some journos not me) and a touch of the Metropolis!

See you there.


I’m really hopeful that we can reduce the height of this and have started a petition that I will present to GL Hearn on 8 Jan. Please sign it if you agree. Thanks


Isn’t it like bartering in Moroccan souk? They actually want 20 storey, so they apply for 24… then we say too high, so they lower to 20 and everyone is happy — when it’s that high, what’s another 4 or 5 storeys? Happy to support the cause, but is it really that bad? Manhatten Loft Gardens will be 42 storeys, so its all in keeping really.


A bit like before the horse has bolted. They haven’t submitted any plans yet what is the point of petitioning when you don’t know what they are unless you know more than we do some how.

Here it’s about height and not storeys because from day one even Boris has had issues with room height and it not being about shoving in as many shoe boxes as possible into plot. If the submitted plans are different to that that was originally agreed in terms of height they have to include a separate application (a VAR one I think) as they have for other plots. You need to see the reasoning for any variation to the original, drawings (with measurements), light tests (not the technical term of course) etc. this isn’t available yet.

Of course object as is your right but do it via the correct route ie LLDC planning when the plans are there. Local residents will be informed of this by post and notices will be on the street. This is the place where you’ll be able to see the huge amount of documents when they have been submitted.

Please note that the agreed designs on all the other nearby plots are all big and on a few cases a lot higher eg part of N08, all of N18/N19. Even N16 (Sainsbury’s et al plot) is big. The only lower level plans for round here are I believe N23 and Chobham Manor and part of N05.


Thanks Claire. Just posting the petition if you want to sign it. No worries if not.


Jury is out, I’m bias and ready to live in the set of Bladerunner :grin:


Same here as long as it doesn’t rain all the time!!


Squint your eyes and it’s minority report — check the greenery it is similar to the N17 drawings.


Hi all, a quick reminder that this event will be taking place tomorrow:

Event GL Hearn public drop-in session re. Plot N17
Date Thursday 8th January 2014, 7-9pm
Location Chobham Academy

We are hoping to welcome Union Hanover Securities (UHS), the developer to Yonder very soon. We know that UHS would like to forge relationships with local residents and maintain them well into the future.

It would be good to document public thoughts especially people from East Village.

What are your thoughts?


Hi all

I cannot make it tomorrow. Just 1 comment and 1 suggestion.

Comment- If they maintain this huge building in the middle of our village why can’t we have access to level 23 and 24, apparently restaurants with great views of London. (reserved for hotel guest and members)

Suggestion: We just had a baby and our families are not from London, so every time someone wants to come and stay closer the price of premier inn and holiday inn are just ridiculously high. Could they offer reduced prices for relatives of East Village residents?



Hey Joao!

Congrats on your new arrival. I think your suggestion is a good one, and not unfeasible given the unique, community motivated area they are joining.
Just a thought, but in the mean time perhaps we could collectively approach Premier Inn and Holiday Inn to enquire about local resident discounts?

Lets organise a game of tennis soon.



@joaofonseca70 (congratulations too) and @becks You can already get a discount of 20% on B&B rates subject to availability at the Holiday Inn by joining their E20 Club, open to E20 residents and anyone who works in Westfield. Information on how to join can be found here. E20 Club

The Premier Inn apparently do deals too as like the Holiday Inn a lot of people who worked in EV stayed in both places for a long time and this will no doubt happen again with the new builds.


Thanks Claire, this is really useful knowledge. I totally forgot about that little E20 keyring on my keys…