Please tell me about your cleaner - if you have one


Hello everybody,

We live in a three bedroom flat, with two bathrooms (one is the en-suite), and are we considering getting a cleaner.

But I would first like to hear a bit about your experiences.

Please do not hesitate to share your views, for example on how regularly and for how many hours one should get a cleaner, how much one should pay per hour, and so on.

We don’t want the cleaner to do the wash, neither to iron, nor to do the washing up. We need hoovering, floor wiping, surface cleaning (including shelves and the like), bathrooms, and that sort of stuff. Occasionally the windows, maybe.

Any views / tips / recommendations to share?

Best wishes,


Oh!!! I have a great cleaner.
She is brilliant - I have had three different companies but Nina was recommended by a friend and she is FAB.
She even cleaned the Windows inside and out because she had time to spare - super service.


Great, thanks for sharing. This sounds very promising, actually.
I think we had one of their cards in the mailbox. The drawing looks very familiar.
Though it appears from the website as if it were not one cleaner but a team on many…


Her empire is growing - I usually get Maroa or Nina. No doubt you can request or perhaps once happy they send the same girls… I use them every two weeks for 2.5hoyrs and get a good clean. It’s life enhancing!!


Thanks! Our flat is 100 m2 and we’d like weekly cleaning, so I emailed Nina for a quote. I also told her that, if it helps her with the estimation, she can have a look at the flat when she’s in the area.


I’m also interested, so thanks for the tip NMC. Does your cleaner keep a spare set of keys for your flat?

That side of it has always worried me a bit, in terms of security…


Hi @southwark99no. I always book her for the morning as I am leaving. I let her in and she locks up and leaves the spare keys in my postbox - however a lot of my friends who also use this cleaning service do give her a set of keys to keep.
She’ll be around mine this Wednesday so if you want to arrange to meet her she’ll be in the area.


Hi NMC - thanks, that’s good to know. I’m not around this week but have sent her an email. Thanks!


Keep in mind that we had problems with stuff being stolen from letterboxes around E20.


We had the second cleaning session today, after the first one last week. I can confirm that they do a very good job. However, there is room for improvement - but then again, I’m a crazy German. Which brings me to the issue of timing, where there’s room for improvement, too: The first time, they were 90 minutes early. For today, we originally agreed on 10am, and last night I got a text message saying they would come at 11am - and they came at 10:30. I might sound a bit difficult but as a work from home every now and then, timing is quite crucial for me.Let’s see how it goes net week. I’ll let you know.


Today we had another cleaner called Angelina, I think. She was on time, whereas the one who came twice before (Stella) had timing issues. Well - Angelina was on time but her performance was not convincing:

Not sure how to proceed further.


Maybe if this company ever launches it’ll be a way forward!
Although they seem to have been in the pre-launch stage for a very long time, so I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen…

It’s a shame that GLL don’t offer residents the ability to hire the in-house cleaners - the ones they use at the end of every tenancy. Those cleaning teams seem to do a good job, and of course have access to spare keys, which is handy…


Nina the boss was here twice now. Excellent!


Hi all,

Any other thoughts on this topic… I am thinking about getting someone in and keen to hire someone who comes with a recommendation.

Thanks in advance.


Just wondered if anyone had any updates on good, reliable regular flat cleaners? Thanks!