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Dear All,

Perhaps I can answer some of the questions posed above. I have done my best to provide evidence backed dispassionate information. Please read the DPDS and Quod objection letters on the LLDC planning site for further details.

  1. The inconsistencies and alarming errors cited are are detailed very clearly in these docs. They are also summarised on The key issues are the inadequacies on the part of the LLDC to stick to their own procedural requirements to insist on proper environmental impact assessments to understand the full impact here plants will have.

  2. The LLDC have also failed to adequately consult the local community as per their own procedural requirements

  3. The LLDC has made a commitment to create a sustainable and green community for the people and businesses that work and live in the area. Off the back of this, billions of pounds of public and private investment have been sunk into the area in good faith. The planned works are so out of step with the areas wider development plan that the LLDC’s own development department have registered a formal objection to the plans.

  4. In an LLDC commissioned a report, Total job creation for the 3 concrete batching pants and 1 as yet unregistered asphalt plant is estaimsted to be up to 20 jobs Total. I repeat, 20. That’s equivalent to 2 fully staffed Starbucks coffee shops. On 6 hectares of prime located land. This does not represent a meaningful contribution to job creation. Westfield in Stratford has however announced an extension to the existing mall with the creation of thousands of jobs.

  5. None of the key institutions, businesses, athletics and sporting associations or schools that are currently being (or scheduled to be) built directly next to the site were aware of the proposed plants until we contacted them. This included the Velodrome, the two new primary schools, and the UCL campus that will be adjacent to the site. All of them are dismayed.

  6. Demand for new providers of concrete is unsubstantiated. We have asked the LLDC To provide some evidence of a demand for increased concrete production capacity. There is none, and the only exisitng london concrete producer currently on site (london concrete) has not been approached by anyone to enquiry if they have capacity to increase out put.

  7. the argument that the site has always been used historically for industrial use and should thus always be in the future is non-sensical. The area has changed drastically since I moved here 15 years ago. The same is true of Battersea and the area around the power station, or the south bank and area around the turbine hall. We should not accept this Victorian era urban planning mindset and all the pollution and degraded quality of life that accomplices it - a point mayor of london had made the corner stone of his tenure.

  8. If there really is proved to be a need for increased capacity of concrete production, There are other sites in greater london with access to a railhead that are less densely populated and yet to be redeveloped.

  9. No one in the area is against the land being used for business purposes or light industrial. Almost everyone is against heavy industry which produces dangerous air pollution and fine particulate silicate matter that is easily carried on the wind and is proven to be cancer causing. Visit to see a video of a concrete dust disaster caught on video this summer at the one plant that’s already there. It’s quite shocking.

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J Durrant,



I started this thread but did not have the full facts to share. We are now very grateful to have you (Hanan and James) in this forum and provide us the full facts as you’ve done today. We really appreciate your efforts and dedication to this worthy cause and campaign.


The link to the Mayor’s letter seems broken at the time of writing. Can we post a copy of it to this thread?


Hi Samuel

I agree the link does not work intermittently. I’ve now uploaded the file for you at the link below.

5568-109037.10.16.pdf (426.5 KB)


Good news: LLDC has recommended the applications for the 3 concrete batching plants and asphalt plant at Bow East be withdrawn:


The site of the proposed concrete factories in Pudding Mill Lane, Stratford

The controversial proposals had drawn objections from thousands of people living in the area, with a petition bearing more than 10,000 signatures from those opposing the development handed to councillors last autumn.

And the long-running battle, which began when the applications were submitted in June 2015, came to a conclusion on Tuesday when the London Legacy Development Corporation’s (LLDC) planning committee decided to refuse permission for the concrete factories to be built.

In a report for the planning committee, members were recommended to decline planning permission for each of the plants for three reasons.

It states that the “operation of the proposed development…would be detremental to the amenity of existing and planned future residents, business occupiers and visitors in the area” as a result of the number of lorries and other vehicles that would pass through the area.

The report also cites that the “proposed appearance…would be detremental to the visual amenity and setting of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park” and that the developments would “be detremental to the regeneration objectives”.

James Durrant, from campaign group Olympic Park Coalition for Responsible Development (OPCRD), said: “This is a huge win for the community.

“Importantly, the LLDC have recognised that this once industrial and blighted area is moving away from heavy industry to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment where residents and businesses can co-inhabit.

“We’d also like to applaud and commend the LLDC for recognising this change. We’d ask like to thank everyone involved in the campaign.”

The decision was also welcomed by Unmesh Desai, London Assembly Member for City and East.

He said: “This is great news for us. It was against the Olympic legacy objectives of a healthy, green, sport-conscious community.”

But he added that the campaign “is not over” and that he would seek to talk to the LLDC about what other potential uses there are for the site.

The applicants, S Walsh and Son Ltd, Brett Concrete Limited and Hope Construction Materials, have been approached for comment.


They just won’t give up.
Read the news here, and sign the NEW petition, if you like: