Please sign the petition: Stop the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic Park


Please sign the petition: Stop the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic Park

STOP the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic Park (reminder)
STOP the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic Park (reminder)
Concrete factory plans for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park rejected

@QEOP — Please can we get an LLDC overview of what these plans entail and purpose?


In relation to the proposed concrete batching plants at Bow East, LLDC is the planning authority. We have received a planning application from a third party for the site which is now going through the planning process.

The application can be viewed at and then using reference 15/00368/FUL.

Any enquiries/concerns/comments about the proposals should be directed to the Planning Authority via


Dan - thanks for sharing. I’ll download a few of the 118 PDF docs and publish here, as a x-resident of Fish Island, I’m very interested to understand the plans.


Thanks Lee for your effort. The more publicity we get for this petition the better.


The latest update to the petition on now features a few troubling extracts from the Noise, Visibility and Air Pollution surveys for this factory:




Latest from The Guardian: Plan for cement factories in London Olympic park causes uproar:


It all feels a bit “not in my back yard” to me. We want this amazing regenerated areas with housing, services and infrastructure but, oh, the things actually required to build those? They can go next to somebody else’s house, not mine.

That area was a designated industrial area before the Olympics and was always intended to be returned to that use.

We have this amazing area with lots of green space, really not fussed about a couple of factories next to the railway.


Newham has already one of the most dangerously polluted air in the UK. We are not talking about harmless factories here. These 4 concrete batching plants will require at least 900 HGV per day to service it which will further significantly degrade the quality of air and massively increase traffic congestion for a lot residents.

Please check all the facts about the concrete plants here:


There is already a plant just across the canal from the proposed site. I live in Stratford and walk to work at Homerton down the Greenway most mornings. The site was industrial and has a rail head. It was cleared for a concrete plant to build the Olympic Park and East Village. Once the construction phase was over it was dismantled and turned into the warm up track with a link across the Greenway to the stadium. After the Olympics it was cleared and is now a giant soil dump.

I can’t see the site remaining a concrete works in the long term, land prices and transport connections are too good. However after seeing how quickly a plant can be built and stripped down I can see how this proposal could go ahead. A vast amount of material is going to be required for all the development still to happen around the park. At least four more towers in East Village alone, Stratford Waterfront, UCL East, Sweetwater, East Wick etc.
Take a look:
As the proposal is on a rail head it will mean far fewer lorries on the local roads delivering raw materials and less pollution whilst all this construction is going on, that said I wouldn’t like to see it in place in the long term.


In the sense that it is in London and London is bad, sure. It isn’t the worst in London or a significantly different than other boroughs which are a similar distance from the centre of London. I also find that argument a bit odd anyway. Are you suggesting we should build factories where there is clean air? Is that better? Where do you propose these factories are built, specifically? Or should we just not build such factories at all and yet somehow continue to build all the infrastructure needed to support the housing and other developments in the area.

On the other hand, the site is next to the railway which will reduce the number of lorries arriving at the site compared to building it elsewhere.

I’m trying to check the facts using this website but I just see a list of largely unsourced statements and opinions. The proposal “contains numerous and alarming errors, omissions and deliberately misleading statements” and yet none of them are listed. There is “concern that some of the appointed Committee members have a conflict of interest” but who knows what these concerns might be or what evidence they are based on.

You’re entitled to oppose the development, of course, but I’d love to see some actual sources and evidence instead of “let’s all blindly sign an angry petition”.


Hi all - sharing a message from Paul Reynolds at Omega Works, there is a meeting with LLDC Planning authority today at 4:30pm @StourSpace

This is a quick reminder email…

… Come and meet and question the Director of the Planning Authority part of the London Legacy Development Corporation, and his Policy Director.

The main subject under discussion will be a forthcoming planning application to LDDC Planning Authority which includes

  • the demolition of Monier Rd pedestrian/cycle Bridge over the River Lea and its replacement with a vehicle bridge
  • the erection of a new pedestrian/cycle bridge (requiring the demolition of part of Vittoria Wharf - evicting its tenants)
  • a new road network on the western side of the Park.

There will be other issues raised, including the planning applications made to build three cement factories on the land just south of the stadium, generating 900 trucks a day traffic, and 24 hrs operation.

The meeting will start at 430pm sharp, tomorrow Monday 22nd, and will be upstairs at Stour Space (thanks to Juliet at Stour Space !).

To remind … if you want to email me a question, we can ask them at the beginning.

Best wishes and hopefully see you there.

Paul Reynolds 07974 188087


I realise you just shared this from the source but any idea why this says three but the thread/petition says four?


Interesting article from both side of the argument:

Big Debate: Will Bow East Goods Yard threaten or improve the Olympic legacy of Stratford?


Nice to see a little balance in this debate

"Mick Tinsley, head of sector, building, infrastructure and construction at DB Cargo UK

Bow East Goods Yard has served people since the 1800s, delivering goods, building an historic London 2012 Olympics and, if planning consent is granted for this scheme, will help create the next generation of city housing and offices.

This site would create jobs, cut congestion and pollution and improve construction supply chains. Construction demand in London means a much higher requirement for building materials. Bringing these in by rail means fewer trucks on the road.

The site is one of London’s last large rail-connected sites. We’re now running two trains a day from the site, moving the equivalent of 140 lorry loads a day that would otherwise be transported by road. If permission is granted we expect to run about five trains a day, removing about 350 long distance road movements a day from London, bringing a positive impact for other road users and the environment. And we expect more than 100 jobs to be created.

We know people living nearby are our neighbours and take their concerns seriously. That’s why we’ve commissioned independent reports into potential environmental effects, ensuring findings are provided as part of the planning process. We’re working with parties involved to design mitigation and enhancement measures to protect the environment."


When you take the Javelin train from Stratford Int’l to Kings Cross: Have a look to the right when the train exits the tunnel, just before King’s X / St. P. There’s an asphalt and concrete plant.


Now there is a crowd funding page to pay for the report that has already been submitted (at least that’s what I think it is for.)

This is my response to it though I might take it off the FB group for fear being the big gob again ie for not agreeing with the thousands that signed the petition blindly. Make up your own minds by reading the facts out there ie like the actual plans and responses. I’ve read all of it and I learnt a lot.

The meeting on the 27 September has been cancelled. the next one is on 25 October at 6pm. You can’t just show up to said planning meetings as it says in the link, you need to contact them in advance and sort your representations out as per the rules, as happened with N08.

Just pointing out that they are asking you to pay for a document that has already been written and apparently submitted. I’d read it and the actual planning documents before you donate to it. There are some strange ‘facts’ in the report. Though at least they do acknowledge the status of the site as per the Legacy Development Corporation Local Plan.

That site has been designated as industrial since the 1800s, the only time it wasn’t was when it was given temporary change of use/planning permission to be the warm up track. That being given on the proviso that it would go back to the industrial rail site which it currently is and will still be with the plants. Note there was at least one cement works on the site pre Olympics ie the ODA plant, there is a cement works next to it now. The 900 trucks a day isn’t correct, a huge amount of ‘traffic’ movements will be by rail. Anyone that thinks the uni, the school, the stadium etc don’t know about that site is mistaken, if it’s in the above plan which was adopted in 2015 it was in the Stratford City Plan and way back further.

Anyway read up and make up your own minds.


Hi Claire,

I’ve only just seen this post - sorry for not replying earlier.
First, let me say to you and to everyone that i’m happy to answer any questions about anything related to those plans - If I wasn’t convinced that those plans are appalling I wouldn’t spend so much of my time campaigning against this pro bono. You can contact me direct at

You are right about the document - we’ve commissioned it for an agreed price, with the promise that we would pay the planners later. When you’re running a campaign like this, which is entirely self-funded and relies on the goodwill of the participants, you sometimes need to make quick decisions.

Incidentally, the document produced (which I urge you to read) probably answers all of the other points that you and some other commenters have raised regarding facts, in an organised and detailed way.

Since then, other (bigger) organisations have started to look more closely at those plans and have submitted their own objections - Including Stratford City Business District, Eastwick & Sweewater (who are building the school), Taylor Wimpey, and believe it or not - even the LLDC’s own Development Desk!

I hope this helps to re-enforce confidence both in the validity of our claims and the worthiness of the cause. If you have any further questions, I would do my best to answer them.

Hanan Maayan


Sorry - I forgot one last and very important document:
The Mayor of Newham’s official objection as well!