Phone signal (lack of)


Thanks, that would be great. I’ve had the exact same conversation i’ve had with them, twice, so would be interested to know what they come back to you with.


Any feedback from EE? And sorry to sound out of date :frowning: but would Wifi calling work if someone called my mob number directly? Or does it only work with apps like what’s up Skype and viber…

I use what’s up for calling friends and family. But business calls require mobile number and so when working from home it’s difficult to make business calls on my mobile.

Can anyone shed light on wifi calling?


Ok so I have wifi calling on my phone and will work when my usual mobile number is called and I am connected to the internet! Whoop Whoop! I will test and see how it works


I’ve heard nothing back from EE at all - nothing since I registered the complaint two months ago (I wasn’t really expecting to, given previous experience with EE).

Nothing has changed either in terms of there being a rubbish signal here, sadly. I think it’ll take a lot more complaints before they do anything about it.


So, I was switching carriers today, and I’ve looked at Ofcom coverage maps myself:





These are the coverage maps for data indoors, and both experience and actual data show that O2 and Vodafone will work the best in our area. Eventually I decided on Three myself - the coverage is less than O2 and Vodafone, but still more than sufficient for the areas I visit, but they include roaming to the destinations outside the EU where I have customers, so that was a sticking point for me.

You can look into it yourself at

As with regards to getting EE to work - my personal advice is to not bother and switch as soon as you can. Convincing them to improve their network will take significant effort, and if they want to assure coverage in the area they’d have to install new equipment, which requires them to apply for a license from Ofcom (which does not guarantee it’ll get granted, because it’s based on available radio spectrum). Then they would need planning permission from the council and permission from the owners of the building, and continue with procuring and implementing the equipment. The time it takes for that process to complete will outrun any fixed term contract they offer, so even if they improve, you’re still better off sitting it out and swap.

Just my 2p.


Thanks Yvanj, that’s really useful


You’re welcome - if you only just joined up, you might be able to barter yourself out of it by it being mis-sold and going to the Telecom Ombudsman.

There are various ways you can try to barter yourself out of it; to my experience, the easiest thing to make any of them do your bidding is to make the operational cost of not doing so more expensive than doing what you want.