Phone signal (lack of)


I am also on EE. Most of the time I don’t get signal in the flat so have to go out on the balcony if I want to make calls. It was frustrating start with but now for texting I use apps that use the wifi e.g whatsapp but Yeh it’s not ideal


Quick update. I called EE (Orange) on Sunday and my free booster box is being delivered tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll see an improvement.

@Jane_Dough, sorry to hear that they are trying to charge you for it?! Maybe call them and let them know that your neighbours all got a box for free.


Thanks I have already tried that but they still insist on charging me, despite previously being an orange customer for over 10 years



Am due to be receiving a free booster from EE today. I explained to the Technical team that I wasn’t the only one with the issue. I hinted at there being a community forum where a number of people were complaining and considering moving networks, seemed to do the job!

Anyone who is being charged should complain and try for a refund, as they admitted that it wasn’t a customer problem that handset aren’t picking up a signal.


A little update here.

I have a new line with Three now. The reception is a lot worse than EE & O2 for me that is ( I live in N10 ). I managed to get a free booster from them. Three also advised that they are currently doing works on the mast nearest to us to accommodate the increasing customers. The work ought to complete by 20th April. In the meantime we are to expect receptions bopping in and out.

It certainly feel like some sort of lucky dip which network works best in your flat I think as the result can vary so much even if you compare with your own neighbour in the same block :expressionless:


I have a contract with 3. They sent me a booster in the post which solved all my signal issues.


Hi all

Sorry to re-hash an old thread but I’m having signal problems in my flat again (plot no.4). It’s been fine for that last year or so but now the problem has come back.

Anyone else having phone signal problems at the moment? Or know why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.


Verna House is N04 isn’t it? Just asking as there is a big comms job being done on the roof now/soon. I can’t quite get my head round with it all means but dishes and antenna and stuff and it’s to do with Telefonica and Vodaphone. So that might have something to do with it. If you want to look up the plan on the LLDC website the planning ref is 16/00384/T16


Hello, same question here, I have EE and it’s really bad inside the house. I am about the change providers, but by reading this thread I see that maybe changing providers might not help. Has anyone else got good network other than someone mentioned above Three?


EE sent me a signal booster box for my flat. It works great.


Also seems to depend which part of EV you live in. 3 is poor in my flat opposite Chobham Manor.


I was on EE for a while and just used Wifi enabled calling whilst in my flat (I had 0 signal in any of the buildings) I recently switched to Vodaphone and it’s absolutely amazing, I now have full signal everywhere in E20.


I’m on EE and get a very, very weak signal in and around Victory Park. Often no signal at all - so I rely on Wifi calling too.


Hi @Suzence - I’ve always found o2 pretty good in EV, I also know that Tesco mobile use o2 network infrastructure, if you want a good deal (cheaper data) and good cell coverage.


Thank you @southwark99 I might give EE a call


Thank you @Lee that’s really useful


Giffgaff also runs on O2 if you want something cheap, though I found their data to be slower than Three and their customer service is largely made up of a bunch of teenagers spamming a web forum for free credit. No contracts on Giffgaff though so you can always try it for a month and decide.

Three works well around Portlands so perfect in my flat (Victory Park corner of N02) but sometimes drops out briefly as I’m walking down the west side of the park near Bottle Apostle.


My provider “Three” has recently introduced something called “Three Wifi Call”. It comes up on the screen whenever I have no phone connection but Wi-Fi.It works very well. People call me as normal (and I call them, of course), same for text messages. I didn’t even realise about the “Three Wifi Call” in the first couple of weeks - I was just surprised that I got mobile calls in our flat all of a sudden.


Wifi calling is the only thing that works for my partner and I (both on EE). Otherwise we’d get 1 bar of signal at most and phone calls would cut out constantly.


Same here. I contacted EE about this and they say they can’t see any issues at all at their end. They say the coverage is showing as fine and the masts in the area are working etc. I’ve registered a complaint with them just to get it escalated/investigated… will report back if there’s any progress.