Pave Velo Closed?


Adding another voice to this.

On a practical level, Pavé Velo was an asset to the E20 community - it provided a valuable service to residents and helped bring in visitors from outside the area, which I’m sure benefited all. Quite simply E20 is poorer without it.

On a personal level, It’s somewhat sad that the familiar faces in Pavé Velo that did so much to make this a friendly community are no longer a fixture in that corner of E20.

In an area that is supposed to be using the Olympic heritage to promote sustainable and healthy urban living, a bike shop is an essential support to the community.

We need back the good thing we lost!


I really hope something can be done to bring it back, it always felt like it was part of the heart of the community.

You could walk in at any time and you’d see the great impact it was having on the area. There’d be the kid trying out their new balance bike with their face lit up with glee, @Lee would be guiding someone just out of uni on what bike let them join in with this dream they’d been sold - a town where you don’t need a car, and the others would be working their hands off trying to help a commuter fix their broken wheel - relief etched onto their face that they could get to work tomorrow. You can hear people’s fondness in the good stories everyone seems to have about the place.

But what do we have now?

Instead of a friendly hub for the comunity we have another shuttered storefront to go alongside the other shops that couldn’t survive in east village. It feels like the continuation of a worrying trend. Where will it be next? Hand? Ginger and Mint?

If @GetLivingLondon aren’t careful then pretty soon East Village will be no different to the estates full of characterless high rises you find around the rest of London, a community that never interact, gridlocked smoggy roads, and the choice of shops consisting of 3 graffiti’d shutters and a Londis.

Sorry if I’m being glum - this news just has me in a bad mood.


Also a regular at Pave, and very saddened to see it go. Not only were the staff always helpful for bike related stuff, going there and saying hello also felt like being part of the community, sth so rare in London. You will be sorely missed.


It is very unfortunate and I hope a new cycle shop opens in its place. Previously Pave Velo had been competing with the Cycle Surgery at the Velodrome but now that is also closed a new shop would have no direct competition.

It has been said on this forum before but “Use it or Lose it”. I always find it strange how busy Sainsbury’s is every day and Teds Veg and the Butchers always look empty. I always try and buy as much as possible from the shops locally and I hope others do to, otherwise we will lose all of the shops.




a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. e20 is a cyclingfull cyclingshopless community )

@GetLivingLondon should really think on how to ensure that the vibrant cycling community here gets what it needs. We need a shop because it promotes an healthy life style and healthy life style is good.


Thank you to everyone for their heartfelt comments above and it is with deep emotion that I felt compelled to write something. It has been a very sad few weeks to see something hugely positive unravel quickly. I’m so sorry to those affected by the loss of Pavé Velo and anyone who missed their first free service on a new bike etc. Once again, I wish I could make amends and support. I do feel awkward in discussing the unravelling of Pavé Velo as I’m not best placed to explain the details of how it ended up in liquidation. In short it wasn’t technically my company and I was not a director, so it would be unproductive of me to share the details.

What I can say is that, Pavé Velo was setup in Cornwall in 2009 by a family of passionate cyclists and elite riders. As I have family ties and myself being graphic designer, I supported by developing the identity. In 2012 during the London Olympic Games I approached them with a concept for expanding the business to Olympic Park, with the community, inclusiveness and creativity at its heart. A business that would help to encourage and enable cycling to support in the mission to reduce toxic air in London. We opened the store in 2015 and over the last few years, we made some great friends and gained great support from the local communities and other London boroughs.

I am hopeful that @GetLivingLondon will support a new bike store as independent bike stores simply need support. The cycle industry seems broken, the mayor is fulfilling another 3/4 of a billion in cycling infrastructure to reduce toxicity in London. However unhealthy online discounting is effectively destroying the high street with more bricks & mortar bike stores closing last year than since 1960s.

I would like to encourage Get Living London to support Cycling. They did offer solid support from day one and there were new plans of support in place for Pavé Velo, it wasn’t Get Living London’s lack of energy that stalled the process. I have seen first hand how the marketing, pr and retail development teams really are doing their utmost to deliver a futureproofed offer of hand-picked independents to East Village E20.

East Village and the surrounding areas are going to explode with new developments over the next 3 to 5 years. The Mace build N08 in Victory Park being a perfect example and is a world first in terms of the rising factory construction techniques. Retail needs to play a long game with the support of Get Living London as the future is much brighter.

For now I’d like to thank all those who have stepped up and shown solidarity for cyclists and share a passion for a healthier future for our children. I hope that whatever happens in the future, East Village gets the ethical and sustainable new bike store it deserves.


To chime in from a retail perspective Bricks & Mortar retail is essential to a business where the product can be so much more than a fulfilment of need.
The responsibility is of course with those retailers to deliver an excellent service and product proposition but there is a responsibility on consumers also to support these ventures in an ongoing manner.
Organisations such as @GetLivingLondon also play a part because they have to have the fortitude to allow businesses to survive and then thrive over time on their estates and not cut that support at the first signs of struggle or the lure of a well backed chain store taking over a unit and the extra money that might bring. I don’t know that is the case and am not accusing them of such - I am however aware that this is usually how things go based on my long experience in this area.

The long story short it’s up to residents to support with their patronage which goes beyond just ‘buying things’ but to demanding your community is serviced by the kinds of organisations you want and not just the ones GLL will give you or we all end up living above and around the same 15 or 20 chain businesses you see anywhere else on any high street in the country and out community and our lives will be all the poorer for it.

Sorry/Not sorry if that sounds like a rant, it is one but a well intentioned one as this is something I am passionate about well beyond bike shops (as much as I adore them)

You deserve to be serviced by organisations who want to do things right and the only way that will ever happen is with support from every angle.


Absolutely gutted - went down at the weekend to get a service and found the shop all empty. Sad. Big loss to the area. Cycle Surgery closed at the Velodrome as well so now there is no bike shop at all in the Park or E20. Hopefully @GetLivingLondon will support a new bike venture and play the long game.


Hi Lee, I’m very sad PV is closed. I meant to ask what happen, so thanks for the explanation.
I wish you good luck and success with the next bike shop! I do hope you open one becaue you guys were brilliant!


Very sad to hear Pave Velo has closed. Such a friendly and helpful store. Lee and the team were always willing to go that extra mile when servicing my bikes and providing advice on kit to buy. I do hope a new bike store replaces Pave Velo soon, the community needs it as there are so many keen cyclists in the surrounding area.


It’s a real shame that Pave Velo is no more. I’m not a cyclist (unless you count pootling around QEOP and over to Victoria Park on sunny days) but my husband is and I was able to pop into Pave Velo regularly for cycling accessories as gifts. Had really good advice from @Lee every time.

Seems a shame to no longer have a cycling shop in EV. Pave Velo was a bit of a hub, especially when you consider that it was Lee who founded E20 cycle club in the first place. It was more approachable than Cycle Surgery and catered for cyclists of all types, not just the pros.

When you consider the velodrome is up the road, the cycling legacy left by 2012 and the focus on more sustainable methods of transport in EV, to not have a cycling shop in EV seems really odd. Did you see how busy it was for the Ride 100?!

I really hope a new shop will spring up in its place. EV and QEOP need it to keep the legacy alive!


Dear Lee, I hope you are well under the circumstances. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how very sorry I was to hear the news about Pave Velo. I also wanted to thank you for being so friendly and obliging, for your advice and support regarding cycling and for your welcome & patience on the times I joined the accessible rides. I never thought I’d graduate to commuting by bike, in London, on an almost daily basis. You were one of the people integral in that progression.

I got money for my birthday towards a road bike & had been looking forward to spending it at Pave Velo. I therefore cannot imagine how disappointed you & your family must be feeling. I wish you the very best of luck with life and your future ventures. I’ll keep my fingers crossed everything works out for you all.

Kindest regards,


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It seems like the retail units in either the Velo, or opposite the Velo in Burnell House, would be just perfect for a bike shop. It just needs the Velo or Taylor Wimpey to offer a reasonable rate.

Both units are just sat there collecting dust.


Thank you Lee for helping me in 2016 when I was getting back to normal after a very serious bike accident and you invited me to organise your flower panniers display which was much admired by people and you took a great deal of care.

My Bridge bike I bought off you and continue to visit the park on it for my ride groups at the Timber lodge and Viewtube. I mentioned your shop to many particularly after Cycle Surgery closed - it does feel eerily quiet.

all the Best in the future and a very saddened Ride leader (Breeze Champion).


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Thanks once again for the heartfelt comments. Since January I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the past 3 years and what we acheived. It seems crazy to let it all go, therfore I feel compelled to carry on and build something alternative and sustainable.

From my experience cyclists share a common conviction, to ride free of mind. Cycling is a form of therapy. I would like to try and support the growth of the cycling community with a new concept called Therapy Cycling.
I have a few ideas for what ‘Therapy’ could evolve to become in the future, an inclusive professional workshop, perhaps an ethical bike store focussed on supporting families to giveup the car or tube and get on a bike instead. Ideas are the easy bit, the harsh reality of retail and making a business truly sustainable is the tricky part. I figured the best way to start would be just ride my bike and encourage other likeminded families to do the same and discover some new green spaces that overlap into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

I’m not 100% sure what this looks like or who will be interested, it might be that the numbers have to be limited for safety, you don’t have to have kids, this is all about getting out and building confidence — all welcome!

Thanks Lee


That’s a really lovely idea, Lee! I totally agree with the therapy part of it…


@Lee Glad to see you still focusing some effort into cycling in the area! I really think an idea based around families and more casual cycling could be a great success. Even if it was always somewhat more serious than this, E20CC has still moved on from the days when you could see baggy clothing and hybrids on a Sunday morning. That has been a good change for the club as a whole but it leaves a space in the community for something like this :smiley:.


Hi Lee

For me cycling had always been about getting from AtoB in a fun and efficient way. I love your idea and would be happy to get involved. Let me know if you need any ‘ride leaders’ or helpers on a ride.



Nice one Liam, that would be great. I’ll drop you a line.


Hi Lee
please could you advise who we can contact , if you are aware, as my daughters bike was in the shop being sold on our behalf - we’ve not been contacted at all and would like the bike back. hoping this is possible
such a shame we always went there for bikes