Pave Velo Closed?


Just went to Pave Velo to get some wheels replaced, and they seem to have closed down? Anybody heard anything?


Annual stocktake I believe @e20_Paul
@Lee will be able to confirm though.


Oh no!


This is sad. Was a great shop to have in the area and always seemed busy.


Hi all, Pavé Velo is closed temporarily. Apologies for the inconvenience, if you need to speak to the directors or have any queries please email

I am awaiting an update from the directors myself, more information to follow.

Shops and Retail Units in East Village

I am truly sorry, @Lee. I had several repairs done at Pave Velo, and I made friends of mine who wanted to buy bikes aware of your shop. Alas, it was not enough. I’m sad to see your shop empty.

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And I think we can now close this topic for good :frowning_face:


I wish to have shop back on.
Always been best to have it there with lovely staff and great mechanic.
We need them back here in e20
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Still would be great if @GetLivingLondon couldn’t aim for another bike shop. Plenty of repair work possible to keep tills ticking over whilst also aiming for more new bike sales. Velopark shop closing means there’s opportunity with the right marketing as well as new buildings/chobham manor boosting local residents with bikes

I overlook honour lea avenue and it’s a really busy cycle route via the park, but if you live in Leyton, why would you go round a different corner and check out the businesses in EV? Lots of customers if they can be persuaded it’s not just a housing estate


@jools I agree, it would be great is @GetLivingLondon could get another bike shop in there. That shop was really at the heart of the E20 community, which has loads of cyclists, it always had a steady flow of repair work, and given the focus on less cars and more cycling, it seems a no brainer that a good bike shop is a vital need for EV. Let’s bring back a bike shop, keep that community going, help make connections, help people stay fit and healthy and also help deliver the Olympic legacy.


I share the same sentiment as both Dawid and Jools here. A bike shop is not just wanted by a large number of local residents here but in some ways it’s a necessity given the proximity of both the velodrome and the lee valley road circuit which is used regularly for bike races.

We have a good variety of food outlets and cafes now, and we need to continue to serve those residents and other visitors who come here with stores/shops which cater to what the whole area is about - the olympic park and its associated sports.


Such a shame. My daughter is learning how to ride a bike and the guys there were always so helpful checking her bike was the right height for her and helping me take off the pedals. I also bought a bike from a local guy and they gave it an MOT. Encouraging cycling is so important for health and well being, but also provides an opportunity for families and friends to connect and unwind, which is perfect for our community. We are also so close to the velodrome, it doesn’t make sense not to have one. @GetLivingLondon should support local businesses until all the buildings are at full capacity when businesses like this will naturally thrive.


This is such a shame for our community. In October 2016 I lost my eldest son. The East Village community set up a funding page to help me pay for his funeral. Lee and Becky were there for my family and gave my youngest son Rio a bike from their shop and put the profits to the funding page. They also gave a bike to my great niece too. @Lee has continued to support Rio with the bike doing regular checks, making sure he knows how to look after it properly. These are the kind of retailers we need in the village and @GetLivingLondon need to support them more than have been.


I agree with everyone — @GetLivingLondon we need to get a new bike shop back in East Village. Bikes mean a lot to a healthy living lifestyle and having a bike shop in EV to support those residents and visitors of the QEOP, LeeValley Velopark and surrounding neighbourhoods is an essential element to our community. The existing unit of the former bike shop is a perfect location due to the proximity to the nearby Velodrome and the Olympic Park. I cannot see any other than @Lee to pull this one off and bring a new bike shop concept to our community.


When I received the news that our local bike shop was shutting down, I got really sad. I bought my first bike with @Lee, I’ve learned how to get confidence and be safe on the streets with E20 Cycling Club, an initiative also created by @Lee and supported by the former bike shop. Every time I needed some tips, a repair or some new gadgets I knew I could find the support there. A place like EV needs a bike shop back in our community, specially because now we don’t have anywhere around here to give assistance for our bikes and needs. EV is a new and innovative place to live that encourages people to be active and healthy, a bike shop is a must for our community. I truly believe that @GetLivingLondon should support a new bike shop for all that it represents to us.


This is truly sad news. Cycling is a major part of what makes living in this part of London so great. Having a bike shop nearby truly enables us to bring more into this passion and drive more cycling in East London. I really hope that a new cycling shop opens up nearby to enable more people to discover the cycling that’s just out the back door.


Just want to say how I am personally going to miss Pave at E20. Pave was instrumental in the formation of the E20 cycling club which I joined last year and was more than a business, but an active community participant. I hope we can get another bike store in the area that will help promote the benefits of cycling in the community.


I moved to the East Village exactly two weeks ago to be closer to the cycling community and @E20CC, the cycling club that got me into bikes. Pavé was the enabler for all of this, and @Lee was by far their best asset (even if he would never admit it!). The workshop there was always busy and booked up so demand is obvious and we must have over 50 bikes in the club alone. Olympic Village with velodrome but no bike shop…doesn’t sound right @GetLivingLondon. I was going to buy a track bike before they shut so I really hope we can get another bike shop soon!


Reading everyone’s messages is really incredible, and I 100% agree with all the points. @GetLivingLondon we really need another bike store! E20 is a real hub for cyclists and I’ve never seen a store so embedded in the community as Pave Velo. I think this was all down to the guys who worked there, @Lee, Huss, and Long Chen.

Like so many people pointed out, we have great facilities such as the Velo park, multiple clubs in the area and easy roads headed to country lanes (which was the main reason for me moving here). So I’m really hoping we bring the attention back to sport and open up a local bike store because it’s sorely missed.


I agree with everything people have said. For me Pavé was one of the highlights of the shops in the East Village. I managed to get myself out on a couple of @E20CC rides after buying my Genesis from @Lee at the store and it always felt like more of a community than a shop.

I think it’s pretty shambolic for the area to have a velodrome and no bike shop. Surely it doesn’t make sense to have loads of cyclists in the area without a recognised bike shop? The fact that Pavé was always busy with servicing shows that there is huge demand for a bike shop. I’ve certainly felt less happy about anyone else servicing my bike because of the service I received at Pavé. It really was more than just a shop and I think it’s a real shame that we’ve lost something that so many people want. More needs to be done to boost the profile of what’s available in East Village and make it the flourishing place it could be.

We undoubtedly need a bike shop in the village so what can be done about it @GetLivingLondon?