Parking in Chobham Manor


Does anyone know where visitors might park in the Chobham Manor area? There is no RPZ from Newham Council for the area so visitor permits cannot be issued for Chobham Manor addresses.

Looks like PCM manage the parking around there and quite a few cars got fined last Sunday 9th July along Olympic Park Avenue so even though its tempting to think Park View Mansions isn’t finished and parking isn’t enforced those officers are keen to book you now and let you argue it later.

Looking at the thread for East Village Parking ( it might be a necessary growing pain to let the parking situation develop. ie. take a wait and see approach.

Unhelpfully, the Chobham Manor welcome pack shows bays 37a to 60 along Olympic Park Avenue as “LB Newham parking bays” when they are definitely not.


There is no visitor parking at Chobham and it was never in the plans I’m afraid . Chobham as part of the park is a "public transport destination " and there are no plans for visitor parking . All the available bays were bought at point of sale and are owned by residents of Chobham only . The bays are managed either by PCM and some by LBN but in the main PCM . The parking is being enforced because those of us who bought a bay have found people parking in them .
It doesnt seem to have been explained very well though.


Just to be clear: none of the bays along Olympic Park Avenue (from the corner of Honour Lea Avenue to Abercrombie Road) are managed by Newham.

Definitely parking should be enforced if they are in breach of the conditions.