Parking bays map for East Village


I remember seeing a map of every parking bay in/around EV and which type they are (unloading/pay/permit/etc.) but I now can’t find it anywhere. I’ve checked some of the old threads related to parking. I think I received it from GLL before moving in but can’t find it on any of the old emails either.

Does anyone know where I would find that?


@ToddYatesUK This one?


I’m not sure how accurate that all is. I only say that because on Scarlet Close there used to be EV visitor bays (Newham Council) but since then those signs were dug up and replaced with paid private parking signs from Gemini. I found out that Sunrise Close, Napa Close, Logan Close and Scarlet Close are private roads now, whereas it didn’t seem to be when we moved in 2014.

Street parking for residents and visitors

There is an East Village Resident Parking Zone (RPZ) enforced between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Sunday.

Sunrise Close, Napa Close, Logan Close and Scarlet Close are exempt from the RPZ as these roads are privately owned. Illegal parking here will continue to result in ticketing by East Village Management’s Parking Enforcement Company. Residents of these roads can however still apply for Newham Council-issued East Village permits to park within the East Village RPZ.


Thanks both, that is the one I was thinking of but I guess there probably isn’t an up to date map. No worries, I’ll have a wander around and see what the various signs say. Basically just trying to figure out somewhere for a visitor to park a campervan for a day.


FYI - Not sure if you’re aware but you can get a load (30 I think) of visitor parking permits from Newham Council for free. Just go on their website and apply. Each one will allow you to park for a day in the ‘EV’ resident permit bays.


Yeah I came across that yesterday, it’s only allowed if you don’t have a car registered at the address which is true for the next week at least so I applied! Not sure if they’ll arrive in time though as it says allow 14 days.


I’ve got spare if you need them

I borrowed a camper van a while ago and ended up parking in International. Weren’t any street spaces where I was prepared to leave it, but previously parked Scarlet Close

Check height limit before trying International though, and you might be restricted to ground floor if you haven’t got much clearance


Thanks, I’ll let you know if they don’t turn up, can maybe grab one from you next week. Only need a place to park it for one afternoon and evening so not too worried about where it is, hoping there’s a space near the flat. Will check out the various options though.