Osteopathy at 'Fix' in East Village


Hi, just wanted to share my story in support of Fix in East Village.

A couple of months ago I started having neck & shoulder pain through bad habits, poor posture and lazing about after long days. After a few weeks with lack of neck mobility and regular shooting pains, I simply put up with the discomfort. Last week it got worse and I started suffering from quite bad numbness in the righthand side of my head and weird headaches. I couldnt sleep for the pain and I’m embarrassed to admit I decided to take myself to hospital in fear that I was experiencing a mild stroke or perhaps worse. After waiting for 6 hours, an ECG and bloods, it was suggested as a bad upper neck strain.

Anyway, fast forward to last Monday, I decided to look for an osteopath and booked a 1 hour session with Laura at Fix. Post session and within 2 days the soreness of the work subsided and I regained full mobility again. The treatment was incredibly professional in lovely air-conditioned consultantcy rooms.

Lastly, I had a follow up session today and learned new stretches, learning how to counteract everyday issues to keep healthy.

So if you’ve got niggles or recurring problems, I cannot recommend visiting Fix more highly!


Glad to hear you’ve had a great experience at Fix.