October 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Anyone fancy doing a longer/faster ride on Sunday? Was thinking something like this https://www.strava.com/activities/716363814 again. We could all go to High Beach together as usual and then split off from there.


Hi All
Just noting for those looking to join the accessible ride on Sunday, @Lee is up for leading, so say hello on here if he should look out for you


Hey, looking forward to leading a ride out to Epping or maybe Greenwich tomorrow (Sunday 23) — I’d prefer to choose a route depending on who joins us. I’ve not been out for a few weeks, so looking forward to it! I’ve got to be back for 11am. Looking at about 30 miles at about 16—18mph. Thanks


Hi I won’t be there Sunday…


I am joining the ride. Must be back by 11:00.
I may be 5 min late


I’ll be there for normal ride folks :+1:


I finally have a free Sunday morning but now I’ve apparently done something to my arm so won’t be out today :expressionless:.


Hello all,

My name is Alec. I’m a cyclist, just moved to London from San Francisco, though I’m originally British and grew up in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I’m a software engineer for Google. I like to ride, run and swim. My wife is living in Newcastle, so I’ll not be around most weekends, but I hope that I’ll still be able to meet many of you and ride with you the weekends I’m here, and during the week.

If there is a ride tomorrow, I would like to come along. Is it at 10am? How long is it? I hope to see you then.

All the best,


Hi @Alec_McEachran
You’d be very welcome to join up with E20CC

Regular club rides are 8.30 on Sunday mornings. See the separate monthly ride threads for more details

If anyone is looking for company on other rides, that’s also where they post. You can also join the E20cc strava group if you use that

Hope to see you soon


Kind of Fast ride leaving at 7:30am from the usual place (opposite side of Sainsbury’s )
Distance 50 miles no stop
Route to be decided in the morning
Target avg speed 28km/h

We wait 5 min , reply to here if interested or in case you are going to be late.


Can’t make this, good shout mate. Maybe faster ‘group’ rides should always leave at an alternative time, nice one!


If i don’t somehow injure myself in the next seven hours I should out for the 08:30 tomorrow. Have been super busy recently so not been out much and might be off the pace a bit. Any idea who is leading?


Fastishih ride delayed until 8.00am due to fog on the runway.


Due to clear up around 09:00 - 10:00 apparently.

Will be down at 08:30 but might just do a local ride if visibility is still like this.


Just me then!

Going to Victoria Park for a few laps like a proper casual.


Scratch that, we have some newbies, I’ll do my best to get them to Epping.


Aforementioned “newbies” took me on an exciting adventure to…I’m not really sure until I upload the map. But we made it back. Nice ride :thumbsup: .


Hi guys and gals

I’ve actually moved to Greenwich a while ago and joined Woolwich cc. Hope you’re all having fun cycling round Epping! See you around hopefully. please could I get removed from this group?