October 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Looked a lovely morning for it! I should be back out next time for sure, bike was in dire need of some TLC which I didn’t make time for on the Saturday.

I will probably head along to the velopark for some laps this afternoon, maybe around 14:30 or so if anyone happens to be around/interested :smile:




Thanks it was a real push but thanks to the teams encouragement and support I made it, yippeeee!!! Really enjoyed riding with you guys will be back Sunday for some more pain (no pain no gain):wink:


Going for some laps at the road circuit this evening at around 7pm if anyone fancies it.


Who’s up for 45 50 miles ride tomorrow. Nice and easy


Who’s up for a Saturday ride


I might see you when you guys leave … on my way back from Down Under …


How are you feeling are you still unfit to ride?


I’m looking at an average speed of 17mph 27kmph which I think is achievable. We done it a few times. Riders remember to carry food and drink and don’t forget to drink before you’re thirsty and eat before you’re hungry. No one will be left behind


Aiming to join the ride tomorrow (Sunday). See you there.


Hi Everyone
Just noting I will lead the accessible ride for Epping and hills - no-one left behind

@Pastor-Kawesi 's ride will be mid pace for people who want more of a challenge

See you in the morning for 0830


Sounds good Pastor :thumbsup:. I’ll hopefully be along but will confirm in the morning. Do you know the route your doing?


Hi ya guys just to let you know I won’t make Sunday’s ride as planned will be there next week instead…enjoy!


Won’t be out this time guys I’m likely going to go to the track instead in the afternoon when it’s hopefully a touch more dry!

Enjoy anyway all!


anyone else? about to go
counts double in the rain


2 mins away. Had a flat in needed to change


Was going to come out, but saw how wet and miserable it was and decided to watch the World Champs instead - I feel warmer and drier already!

I know, I need to toughen up!


Rule 5!


Great ride this morning for the hardy few. Bit faster than I’d mentally prepared for

The E20 bus even picked up a passenger for a few miles on the way back. All part of the service. Great lead back by @DavidC


I think Rule #9 may also be relevant here.


I’ll take that