October 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


Nice morning ride all, and good to see some new faces :grinning:


Great ride this morning, thanks for having me and see you all next week!


Alarm clocks, I am bad at them. Woke up at 08:30, oops.


Yeh! We gave you a good 5 minutes!


Nice ride chaps. Would anyone mind to add me to the members group?

Cheers, Nick.


Added bud :+1:


Hi Everyone
I’m happy to lead the accessible ride on Sunday (9th) and have added my name at the top of the thread

I’ll be posting on the E20 facebook groups as well to try and encourage new riders

Would anyone like to lead a mid or fast paced ride? Would be good to know in advance if so.

Final thing - currently planning a ride Saturday morning, maybe Regent’s park or Great Dunmow, mid pace, depending how I feel on Friday. Let me know if you’re interested


Hi Im new to the group looking forward to coming along to the ride on Sunday


Welcome to Yonder @Mica

Sounds good @jools — I’ll be around on Sunday for ride


I should definitely manage the Sunday ride. Could be keen for tomorrow morning depending what you decide to go for.




Tomorrow sounds good @jools. What time would you be thinking of heading off?


early laps of regent’s park? 7ish?


Should be coming along on Sunday - this time I’ll try not showing up half an hour early and wonder where everyone is.


Don’t think I’ll make it after all I’m afraid. Not feeling top notch so going to aim for a lie in tomorrow.

Enjoy Regent’s Park, hopefully see everyone Sunday instead.


I’m happy to lead a longer ride if anyone is up for it


Found out about the Sunday rides today. Don’t think I’ll make it for tomorrow’s ride but would like to join one soon. Look forward to meeting other members of the group.




Won’t make it today folks, need a new tire for the bike.

Have a good one,



@Mica 's first ascent of Wellington Hill, with super domestiques @Sjh and @therealjhutch. Excellent work


Nice ride this morning, cheers for the lead out Pastor.


Jools at the E20cc calendar shoot…