Now THREE "Kryptonite" bike locks found cut open (Festive Mansions)


Big “Kryptonite” bike lock found cut open (Festive Mansions) today. Reported to Security at 16:40h. Didn’t touch it, in case the owner of the (I assume stolen) bike wants the police to take prints.

Not the safest bike storage in the world…

Bike lock cable stolen today (Festive Mansions again)

Thanks for sharing. I’m surprised to see this level of lock cut, serious equipment, this either an angle grinder or some incredibly large steel cutters.

I wonder if @GetLivingLondon would care to confirm if this was a theft or an owner who lost their key and cut lock off professionally?

It should be noted that the local QEOP/EV Met Police team have told me first hand that they have caught every single bike thief in East Village.


@Lee Today, I found yet another “Kryptonite” lock cut open, same bike storage. In my view, both incidents happened between 8am and 4pm, on two consecutive days. I reported it to security again, at 16:00h, hopefully @TriathlonHomes and @GetLivingLondon will take some sort of action…


They’re liars!

They never caught the thief that took mine


I’m afraid that’s right. There’s a guy in our block who had his stolen too and the police couldn’t have been less interested!

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Mike Higgins,


I’m on the ward panel and know the police are working hard to catch the bike thieves, they have arrested several people so I think it’s unfair to say they’re not Interested.


That’s all very well but as two locks were cut within 24 hours, something should be done to make the bike storage more safe in the first place. CCTV? Any suggestions @TriathlonHomes @GetLivingLondon ???


Sorry to hear that your bike wasn’t recovered, I wasn’t suggesting all bikes have been returned to their owners.

Residents are going to be forced to store their bikes in their homes, what is actually happening, how can theives manage to gain access to use angle grinders @GetLivingLondon @TriathlonHomes

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Does Kryptonite have a guarantee based on which lock you use? If so, time to activate using police report as evidence?


Whilst I would never suggest breaking “the rules” I could note that a selection of ‘no fix’ indoor storage solutions are available (below from Pavé Velo)



I have this exact rack in my living room. It’s perfect because not only is my bike safe and secure but everyone who comes to my flat is forced to look at it like it’s some kind of trophy kill that I mounted on the wall.


This is my experience with theft from the bike store.

I had a wheel stolen from one of my bikes in the “secure” storage (N04, managed by Triathlon). In my case, the police were actually very helpful and I believe their work resulted in the conviction of the thief on eight counts of theft (all bike-related) after they caught him in the act.

BUT the storage itself is very much NOT secure, for the following reasons:

  1. There is actually no CCTV covering the bike storage room - this astonished me.

  2. The bike racks themselves are of poor design in that they are difficult to lock a bike to properly (i.e. through the frame and a wheel), and are generally quite weak to being cut themselves.

  3. The bike storage room that I use is not only left unlocked all the time, but has a laminated sign on it saying “PUSH TO ENTER”, making it very welcoming to thieves.

What I would also add regarding the locks mentioned in this thread that were cut, is that anything below the Kryptonite “Faghettaboudit” (their heaviest bike lock), including all those shown, can be cut with hand bolt croppers alone. The Faghettaboudit needs power tools but small battery-powered disc saws (or even powered bolt croppers) are not hard to come by and any serious bike thief will be well enough equipped to be in and out very quickly regardless of how strong the locks are.

The only proper deterrent is good CCTV covering the room and all the entrances and exits, and keeping the room locked at all times.

I’d be very keen to hear what @TriathlonHomes and @GetLivingLondon plan to do about it, given that they have a responsibility to offer secure bike storage if they are going to mandate that bikes may not be kept in flats.


Actually the GLL contract is ambiguous in this regard:

If you own a bicycle you must keep to the regulations about bicycle storage shown in this agreement and the Regulations attached to this agreement (Attachment 1). Bicycles must be stored in the secure areas provided in the car park. You must give us full details of the model and colour of your bicycle before you are given a fob to the garage and access to the secure storage area. You must not store, keep or park any bicycle on any balcony of the premises or secure any bicycle in any yard, garden or driveway of the block, or in or to the internal shared areas of the block including the landing immediately outside the front door of the premises or any bin store adjacent to the premises.

(Emphasis mine.)

It doesn’t actually say anything about keeping a bike in the flat. It does say they “must be stored in the secure areas provided in the car park” but then it goes on to list a specific set of places that you cannot store them which is superfluous if they must only be kept in the storage. As such, I interpret this as meaning that you can’t keep them on balconies etc. but that inside the flat is fine. I’ve had two flat inspections since moving here and my bike was inside both times and they never made any comment.

This is not to say that the storage areas should not be covered by CCTV as they clearly should!

You won’t get a useful reply from GLL or Triathlon on here though. Maybe @EVRA can help?


Also to bear in mind that they are obviously, currently, not providing any secure areas for bicycle storage


I had a lot of funny discussions with GLL on this topic. Once they spotted one of my bikes on the balcony and asked me to removed it … I debated that a Bianchi is not a bicycle hence I could place it where I please.

When they came to inspect my apartment and noticed the bicycles in the flat, I was again reminded of the policy … at the point I referred to agreement saying that there is no mention anywhere that I cannot keep the bike inside the flat and if that’s not enough I will put it in my bed because at the end of the day nobody can tell me with whom or what I can / cannot sleep with right ?

Eventually they stopped bugging me.


I recently contacted the local bobbies with regards to getting my bike security marked with ‘Bike Register’ as this was advertised in the East Vilalge newsletter. They told me they will arrange this for EV residents but only when enough people express an interest.

Whilst getting your bike marked won’t prevent a determined bike thief, it might act as a deterrent and/or help getting your bike back if it is recovered from a thief.

If anyone is interested (and it is free) then email and tell them you want your bike marked. Hopefully they’ll arrange this asap now we have a thief on the loose.


Nice one Liam, Ian (local EV met police officer) has been marking outside Pavé Velo some mornings. I’ll chase up for a regular date also


I was told I’d receive an email when they were marking but please let me know if you hear anything.