November 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Good idea!


Anyone at the Velopark tonight for a few laps ?
I am planning to be there around 6pm


Am around this weekend so able to lead accessible ride to Epping, however given the unusually good weather predicted it would be good to make it longer on the way back perhaps. Not sure which route to make it longer and open to suggestions.


I’ll be making a rare appearance this Sunday as well. Looking for a longer ride if that suits anyone else? I have a few routes I can suggest as well.


Potential route…


Route I have in mind for the slightly longer accessible ride this Sunday 27th December is this one
Will stop at High Beach for a feed and again after Stonard Hill in Epping before heading back. Total 30 miles with a couple of hill climbs. Average speed should be around 14-15mph (23-24 kph) with no one left behind.

@jools does this look ok for an accessible ride? If there’s no need for an accessible ride then happy to join Liams route/ride.


Hi Henry
Looks great - I’m sure people’s fitness should be fine, just check confidence of any newcomers

When you get back on Epping road after high beech you may need to go single file as the road narrows a bit and can be quite busy

Not sure if I’m out on Sunday yet, so enjoy!


Should be out Sunday, a slightly longer ride at a non-crazy pace would be great!


Definitely non-crazy pace!


Jools the weather looks nice , you have to cycle to honour those who cannot or the Gods of Cycling will punish you with 1000 punctures :slight_smile:


Never use the p word!

Where was everyone this morning?

Hashtag instagrammable ride


I should be out in the morning.


Perfect riding weather!


Great ride today folks.

My apologies to Christopher who we lost somewhere in or around Epping. I should have kept an eye out so sorry about that. I hope you made it home.


Enjoyed the ride today. @ToddYatesUK this is the thread for the xmas party. If anyone else hasn’t noticed the thread yet, get involved!


Nice ride today :slight_smile:.


Guys & Ladies … it’s Thursday and I don’t see a riding plan yet !!!

May the Gods of Cycling have mercy of you :slight_smile:


I shall answer the call and lead the accessible ride! Good weather forecasted so same as last week but with a hill loop thrown in at High Beach. To summarise, head up to High Beach, hill loop, continue on to Epping Village, Stewards Green hill loop, head back. 30 miles total at 14-15mph (23-24 kph) with no one left behind.


Please click below to view planned rides for December along with potential dates for festive period: