November 2016 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Bought a bike on cycle scheme and need to get it out on a longer ride before it’s too cold! Will come along tomorrow on an Epping cycle if that’s alright?


Will be great to see you @Robewb
Should be two rides on offer tomorrow depending on fitness and experience

let us know here if you’re running late


Morning all
If you’re planning on doing the longer ride, please make sure you bring snacks with you

See you in a bit


Will be around for Epping ride. Might be 5 mins late!


I might join the ride. If you don’t see me by 8:35 then go ahead.



Cheers guys enjoyed the ride, even if I was flagging a bit at the end! :thumbsup:.


Couple of lovely club rides this morning, with some top foliage action all round

(Just want to note that my favourite hedge is an evergreen, by the way)


Thanks @jools leading the ride with utter professionalism. Really enjoyable.


eat and drink more through the ride mate :slight_smile:


Hi All
Anyone else ready to lead a club ride in the morning?

I am thinking of slightly longer than Epping ride, looping back to High Beech via Waltham Abbey then doing a number of hill repeats. Bit more challenging than regular Epping, but good opportunity to build fitness at your own level.

Probably around 70km in all, medium pace overall.

Given the weather warnings, I’d like to know who is definitely planning on riding tomorrow, but will also check weather at 7.30am. If you are up in the morning and definitely want to ride, however, please confirm on here so others can see



I want to ride tomorrow, but see no point if a monsoon is a dead certainty.
So I’ll be one of the 7:30 weather watchers.

Everything crossed…


Will check weather in the morning and confirm on here if I’m making it. Can lead accessible ride, weather permitting.


Won’t be riding tomorrow …


Got a niggling injury so that plus weather means I’m probably not riding. Will post again in the morning if that changes.


Right - not raining so who’s riding?


I’m wimping out…

Thank me - that will probably guarantee you a dry ride!!


Well done @jools on making it out/representing on your own this morning, top effort :thumbsup:.

Apologies I didn’t make it out myself, I’ve been a bit unorganized of late and need to get myself some winter riding essentials so that I don’t freeze to death, cant ride in the shorts all year round it seems :joy:!

I will aim to be more involved over the remaining weeks in the run up to xmas and will be happy to take on leading a ride one weekend (even if its just the usual Epping run) to help out, you can hold me to that!

Cheers all,



guys. A gathering of friends, beer and snacks.

Can we arrange something for a day prior to Xmas? (this is going to be the wrong thread for this topic so can we make one also?)


I second that !