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Development F03 Bridge and Associated Landscape Plans
Dates Started Autumn 2014 - Completion June 2015.
Location Link between Honour Lea Avenue and the Copper Box/H10 stitch.
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This is a synopsis of the planning statement prepared by London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) for the planning application for F03 bridge and associated landscape works.

The F03 bridge connection traverses the River Lea within the northern Olympic Park. The site is situated to the southern end of the northern Olympic Park, east of Waterden Road, north of the Stratford City Approach Road and to the west of the Athletes Village.

The north park contains large areas of natural landscape with a focus on ecology and is divided by the River Lea at its centre. The connection provides an important east west link across the park between Honour Lea Avenue and the Copper Box/H10 stitch.

North Park Railings
A planning application for North Park Railings was approved in June 2013 (ref. 13/00010). This application proposed the enclosure of the North Park with 1.6m high steel railings with gates at key entrances into the park. The permission requires 24 hour access routes to be maintained across the park following the lit routes.

Ecology and nature Conservation
The proposed landscape continues the parkwide biodiversity principles of creating different categories of green spaces. The proposal continues to contribute to the delivery of the Biodiversity Action Plan target of 45 hectares of new habitat.

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April Update

  • The new bridge element has now been lifted into place
  • Work underway to complete the bridge
  • Landscaping works to take place on either end of the bridge
  • Completion of works by July
  • Timber Lodge remains open


And here is the new bridge:


I’ve been seeing the work going on here everyday, its been interesting. I am really pleased that it is going to be a pedestrian bridge as well, was worried it would become a through road.

I do not really understand why they took up the previous section of bridge just to put another in its place, seems a waste of time and money. I read that it is so the river can get more sunlight but this work only provides a small amount. IMO they would have been better off taking up the old part of the bridge and leaving it at that. Still, gives people jobs I guess.


I suspect somebody struck a very lucrative deal a long while back!


I think that’s effectively what they have done, but they had to remove the whole temporary bridge and put back some of the pieces/rebuild the abutment and make it more permanent.

The problem is they only planned to have the little bridge originally, once the park opened they realised that it wouldn’t be sufficient and then couldn’t keep the old bridge as it was due to the excessive shadowing of the river and the temporary construction.


The above is correct, the original bridge had a temporary and permanent element. It was decided that the permanent bridge size wasn’t quite large enough so we could need to retain part of the temporary bridge element. The most cost effective and safest way was to lift out the four sections which made up the temporary side remove two section and then repair, strengthen the remaining two sections. This was best done on land rather than over the river which would have been dangerous with workers working at height and over the river resulting in us closing the river. So the method used was considered the most appropriate and quickest.


are there any images of what it should look like come July/August


@jackandben here a mockup of how it should look like — it was also posted at the top of this thread:


Just to make you aware that our contractor BAM have been given permission to work till 4pm on Saturday 6th June and the nosiest works will be complete by 13:00.


@QEOP When is the conclusion of the works schedule for/opening?


The works will be completed by the beginning of July. There is still currently a route across the Park.


It is not clear from the plan if there is going to be a marked cycle way over the bridge? I am a fan of shared space but with a bridge this wide, and the fact it is a main route to the velo park, it might have been a good idea to have a separate marked off section for bikes. The landscaping looks great though.


The bridge is getting close to finished.


I saw a car last night gain access to the cafe by the bridge by driving over the newly seeded area

It reminded me that I meant to ask what the plans were for the area by the end of honour lea avenue. The look at the moment is kind of “hastily erected military checkpoint” rather than “welcome to the park”. And as I saw last night, it also doesn’t stop drivers if they really want to drive over the park

Would be good to know how it’s going to look when finished


@QEOP Also, the new bike hire pods installed last week look like they will drastically restrict the width of the path. With the new map sign blocking the other half of the path a little closer to Honour Lea Avenue, there’s going to be an awful lot of clutter on that stretch. Is this deliberate to prevent cars going down or just poor planning? Either way, when Quietways opens along that path, there’s going to be very little space for all the intended users. Shame.


hello could you give me a bit more detail about the car driving over the grass area including the date and rough time. Our security team would like to investigate.

The entrance is being replaced I am waiting on confirmation of the timing.


It was Saturday early evening - already dark
I believe it was linked to the event at timber lodge café. It was an estate, and faced with the gate being closed they drive round to the left over the seeded area by the trees

It was about an hour later I saw security open up the gate to let vehicles out after the event clear up

Sorry I don’t have more details than that, but the guys who opened the gate might remember the car


thank you much appreciated.


Any progress on redesign of the military checkpoint by timber lodge café?