Nightmare in the courtyard


Children playing football, children screaming, children climbing trees and shouting at each other, the noise is unbearable, especially in the hot weather I have to keep my windows open.

I have been ringing east village security every day in the last few days, sometimes they come sometimes they don’t, sometimes the football games stop, but the same group of kids will come back later or next day playing the same distinctive orange football. I can see most of the children live in the townhouses with gardens on the courtyard, but clearly their parents couldn’t care less.

There were 2 football games ongoing simultaneously when the picture was taken yesterday, when I ring the security in my flat I have to close my window otherwise the guy on the other side couldn’t hear me, that’s how bad it is now. And yet the football game lasted until sunset uninterrupted.

I emailed Get Living, got a reply asking me to call east village security, which I have been doing since summer began so not helpful.

I found this discussion on 2015 people complaining the same issue in different courtyards:

It’s been 4 years now, and the situation hasn’t changed. Any ideas/suggestions?


Question to you, what would you want children to do in the courtyard?


I don’t let my children to play football in the courtyard. But just to assume that all parents with children don’t care or don’t advise their children to respect their environment is bad assumption.


I want them to respect estate policy under their parents’ guidance, i.e. no ball game in courtyard

Firstly thanks for your consideration of others, But where did you get the idea that I’m accusing all parents? I clearly wrote in my post “their parents couldn’t care less”


My question was more around activities, if the children did not play football, what else do you suggest they do?

Hide and seek perhaps?

In any case they will be laughing, shouting and so on and could still be perceived as loud.

The problem is not football, the problem is the noise they are making.

If the football is taken away, they will still be making noises of some sorts.

By looking at your picture above, you are high up, and so the noise travels and gets louder, especially as there are buildings on each side of the courtyard.

I agree with the football issue, yes it damages plants and the rule should be respected by everyone.

However the issue is not just football as I said and so if people move into flats, where children will play, and make noise, they should expect that.

Unfortunately often there is loud music being played when my children are sleeping. Sometimes we have heard adults screaming either from the courtyard, or the front. Sometimes cars are raved, and other times drunk people just shout, people have parties on their balconies and so on.

During the summer months this is almost every weekend, and I have never once complained to the security.

I let people enjoy their moments, for as long as everyone is safe.