NEW plans for concrete factories next to Olympic park to be submitted


They just won’t give up.
Read the news here, and sign the petition, if you like:


very well to complain, but construction projects are happening and have been planned for decades, well before you lived here.
would you prefer the concrete be delivered from hundreds of miles away, and the fossil usage of truck delivering it from a location miles away.
pretty sure all the hipsters that live in this area and pseudo liberals who have their public school education and can afford to have a NIMBY (not in my back yard) mentality will agree with you.

others that have been born and bred in this location understand that its more environmentally friendly to have a site such as this nearby to the actual construction area rather than trucks spewing diesel cross country so you don’t have to see an eyesore.

god forbid some local people might get some jobs out of the prospect and not be enforced out by your gentrification.

People who have lived in this area for decades are used to construction, and the consequences. People like you have just moved in and expect after all the development and cheap property that afforded, like to lock out the next expansion of the area.

This is London, may I suggest you move to the Cotswolds if you expect tranquility.

east London has a shortage of housing, and petitions like this to bring the cost down and not look at the brass tacks of the environmental benefit to have a concrete factory close to this much needed regeneration housing project.


Don’t think anyone’s being particularly anti-construction (though I believe there is a definite need for more affordable and social housing) but there are genuine concerns about air pollution due to this activity and the effect it has on health generally and risk to children in particular.

A quick google will bring up plenty of scientific evidence around dangers of poor air quality in London, but if you have any links to environmental impact analysis of having concrete site nearby as opposed to transporting materials from a distance I would be genuinely interested in reading them before deciding to sign the petition or not


I have no links to any agencies that can provide an environmental impact analysis. I have just grown up and educated in this area, and only worked in factory jobs. So, yeah, you can illegitimate anything I say.
I am currently a full-time carer, and although it gets disdained, we do a 24 hour job, have no life and just barely survive. So, lets for comedic purposes (like throwing acid or milkshake) at someone pretend I have a voice. And not get talked down by people that have just moved into the area, and like to dictate and inform us what is best for us. Like we have no intellect.

And can just run some emotive petition that only your middle class will read and all feel self satisfied about.

Instead of looking at the problems, like moving Parliarment or BBC or all these FTSE 100 companies and their staff away from london.

The jobs are 90% given to top University educated; and if us yokels are lucky they might fill the other 10% for “diversity” with cleaning jobs.

So, lets be less London-Centric, and spread jobs around the whole of UK, and there wouldn’t need to be so much concentrated pollution and over development and the adverse environmental effects in the area.

So instead of bringing more and more people in London, there are more opportunities and Cetral Government incentives to bring jobs and therefore residents to the north of UK where there are more affordable and underpopulated areas.

But, if you are going to live in London don’t bitch about a concrete factory, move out and we won’t need one


so if there is a petition that is valid, and make a REAL difference, make it about moving Parliament, BBC and all these FTSE 100 HQ’s away from London.