Nanny Share in E20


Hello there!

I am a mother of two lovely twin girls and I am looking for someone living in E20 to share a nanny with.

Ideally, we’d be looking to start with a nanny full time (Mon-Fri 8.30am/7pm) January/February sometime (although there’s some flexibility here as I’m in the process of negotiating my return to work dates). The girls will be approximately 6 months old then and it would be nice to find someone with a child of a similar age.

I have contacted an agency that could help us find a qualified nanny who is happy to do a nanny share once we have worked out our needs…

Get in touch if you’re interested!


Happy new year everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick update.

We have found a lovely nanny and she will be with us full time (Mon-Fri, 8.15am to 6.45pm) from the end of February. Is anyone interested in sharing?

Our girls are now 6months old and we are looking for a family with a child of similar age…

All the best,



Hi Sofia,

I haven’t thought about it before, but it sounds like a great idea (my baby girl is also 6 months old). If you still looking for someone let me know, so we can discuss it.




Hi Maria

Many thanks for your message!

Yes we are still looking… Do you live here in East Village?
How many days a week would you need? From when?

Best wishes



Hi Sofia,

Yes, I live on the East Village (Tayberry House). I am planing go back to work 2 X /3X week from June and full-time (or 4X week) from September. (This is the plan that I had in mind if I was to send her to the nursery as I had the impression that 50 hours at the nursery would very heavy on her. If I found other arrangements (like this) and feel that she is happy I will probably would be willing to go back to work full-time earlier).

This sounds a good opportunity especially as they have almost the same age (Annabel will be 7 months on 14th of August)




Hi Maria

Great! It would be great to meet and talk about it

Would you be free for a quick coffee later today or tomorrow morning ?

Best wishes



Sorry forgot to give you my number

Admin removed number

Text me if you are free today



I hope that you don’t mind me jumping on the thread. We’re looking to share a nanny four or five days a week from October when my wife goes back to work after maternity leave, from 8am to 6pm.

It’d be great to hear from anybody in East Village or Chobham Manor in the same situation.


I hope nobody minds me bumping this thread, but we’re still looking for someone to share our lovely nanny from sept/Oct onwards. Do get in touch if interested.



Hey @Oat44. I just sent you another PM.


Hi James- we’re currently looking for a nanny share. Very flexible on days. If anyone else is interested please let me know.