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Good link here from @Ben explains the concept and benefits with the Rising Factory:


Working at heights can be very dangerous and should be avoided when possible. Sometimes this cannot be avoided however and therefore any techniques to improve the safety should be implemented.

High level working can also cause environmental and visual challenges to local residents and the community.

The example below shows how one site achieved this:

  • The company is introducing a ‘rising factory’ method of building
  • The ‘factory’ is several storeys high and fully enclosed. Craneage, including vehicle container off-loading, is located within the factory.
  • As the tower rises the factory is jacked up floor by floor from the concrete fame.
  • The system reduces the requirement for working at height, increases the use of pre-fabrication, reduces the visual impact (as the factory rises the exposed building below is fully clad) and includes welfare provision.


I like the idea but the external hoardings are incredibly ugly, like a giant billboard for Mace. And it has different factory numbers on different sides which doesn’t make any sense.


They’ve apparently noticed that they got the numbers wrong, took this yesterday, it now says “2” on both sides (and one of them appears to be a big superficial sheet that was used to cover the misprinted cladding)!


I spotted this number error, but I am impressed with the edit and the level of detail to the fit of the exterior hoarding materials, that in itself is a hell of a job, let alone what goes on inside the factory hub on the building itself.

Can’t wait to see @frankdasilva next batch of photos when the camera lens starts pointing across and then up (rather than down)


Mace’s N08 site - view from Raywood Mansions, East Village E20 - by @frankdasilva


Mace’s N08 site - view from 25th Floor of Manhattan Loft Gardens, East Village E20 - by @Lee


Mace’s N08 Development Site


Two number 97 buses passing by on Celebration Avenue. In contrast to Franks stunning photo of the N08 development, quick Autumnal phone capture this morning. You could hardly see the top of the Mace factories busy working away in the sky…
:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf::mushroom:


Mace | N08 Development Site
Golden Hour in East Village E20


Brilliant seasonal capture from Phil Verney on Twitter



Here’s another shot I took during the Theatre of Light event:


This shot grabbed my attention this evening, great captured light, low winter sunshine.

Courtesy of Phil Verney on Instagram / http://instagram.com/philverney


Good to start seeing some of the detail coming through for the N08 fitout.

http://www.urmet.co.uk - “Leading video door phones with unparalleled technology and design“

Urmet has secured the second phase of its landmark door entry project at the former Olympic Village in Stratford, East London. The latest work is in addition to the installation of the company’s innovative IP-based door entry solution at buildings used to accommodate athletes during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Main contractors, Mace, have used Urmet’s IPervoice suite on two residential tower blocks of 26 and 30 storeys respectively, set within communal squares and courtyards near the River Lea and surrounded by amenities. Now known as N08 – East Village, the area is already home to 6,000 people and the new towers will add a further 481 flats to the area.


Here’s another article about N08 East Village:


N08 East Village (November 2017)


N08 East Village Update


Monumental scene last night at the Snow Slide launch!



N08 East Village | © Photo by @frankdasilva