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@frankdasilva great pictures! I hope your catching them pouring the pile cap today!


Thanks @Pablo_Smith

Here’s a photo taken four days before the large concrete pour. I am working on a new timelapse with the latest and I’ll post at a late stage.

N08 Update - 26/07/2016


N08 Update - 15/08/2016


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I still working on a new timelapse and other images to share here.

For now, here’s the latest N08 photo from 30/9/16 — taken from the Manhattan Loft Gardens:


Here’s the latest update for the N08 Development Site in case you are wondering how things are progressing.

Photo taken on 12/10/16


N08 Development Site - 26/10/2016 Update


Hi guys, here’s a shot from Manhattan Loft Gardens showing East Village and an updated view of the N08 site.

I took this photo yesterday during the ‘Topping Ceremony’. Yes, MLG has reached its 42nd floor.


I hear there is a good view of St Paul’s cathedral up there.


@Samuel haha - speaking of which @frankdasilva do you have any pictures of St Pauls from MLG at all? I’d love to see what they’re all moaning about.


@NiK maybe I should post this on the MLG thread, but anyway, answering your question, here’s a zoomed shot from the 36th floor of MLG (St Paul’s Cathedral is in the ‘circle’ - see arrow so you don’t miss it).

I also would like to add the following: Richmond’s Park King Henry VIII’s Mound distance to St Paul’s Cathedral is 15.5km. The background area to be protected beyond St Paul’s is 3km (1.86 miles) long — Manhattan Loft Gardens tower is an additional 7km (4.35 miles) beyond. I doubt MLG tower will be noticed if viewed with a naked eye from that distance (from Richmond).



Beautiful shot @frankdasilva and I agree - the whole MLG controversy is a storm in a tea cup.

We’re lucky to have you here in EV - love your photos :slight_smile:


Maybe King Henry VIII’s Mound should be knocked down - it’s ruining the view of St Paul’s from MLG :joy:



I am currently studying my masters at University of Westminster and carrying out research for my dissertation.

As part of my Dissertation, I have been looking into the effect the London 2012 Legacy has had on local people and communities living in Stratford. A key part of my dissertation is relating to communities around East Village and Chobham Manor. If you are a resident at East Village, I would really appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes of your time to help me with my research by contacting me via: desai_c@hotmail.co.uk for a short discussion about your experiences and thoughts on the neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can follow the link below to fill out a quick survey:


Any help will be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks,

Chirag Desai


N08 East Village ‘Rising Factory’ is taking shape.


I can’t help but think that they could have put the whole building up in the time it’s taken to put this thing together!


21st January 2017 — not long until it starts rising


It’s supposed to be a new technique, for the UK, that is more environmentally friendly.


From @frankdasilva SkyScraperWorld Instagram account


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