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@Noel great stuff! Thanks for the info… I’ll keep posting updates :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting Frank, very interesting, I live over in Torero and am working as a Geotechnical Engineer so its right up my street! :smile: haha.

These look to be reinforced concrete cast in-situ piles which will ultimately transfer the loads of everything above (structural/environmental loads etc.) into the ground via the piles. Looks like they are now digging them out down to basement level and exposing the reinforcement, as Noel said above! That will then allow them to start casting pile cap (essentially a large concrete slab) on top, tied into the reinforcement, which everything else will then be built on top of. Essentially something like this:

This foundation is the most important part of the building (but I would say that, I’m geotechnical not structural haha) and soon it wont be able to be seen or appreciated, such is the career for a geotech engineer! :smile:.

Thanks again for the updates!



What is a geotechnical engineer @Pablo_Smith?


A civil engineer who has specialised in the design of foundations/tunnels/earthworks/embankments etc, basically designing the part of a structure that is in or in contact with the ground & assessing the ability of the local soil/geology to be able to withstand the design loading conditions, in this case the loads imparted from the building to the pile group (also sometimes called ground engineering). Similar to a structural engineer, just a different discipline!

Equally, rather than carrying out design work a Geotech could be on one of these sites in a supervisory/site engineer capacity.

Hope that clears it up!


N08 13/5/16

Quick update for you guys:


Great updates guys, can I also encourage you to post on the Skyscrapercity forum.

I’m sure there a lots of people on there that would interested on what’s happening in and around E20.


N08 Development Site Update

Here’s another time-lapse update for Mid-May 2016. The videos was shot on the 12th and 18th of May 2016.


Great stuff Frank, this is going to be a unique record of the developments, I showed this thread to a developer onsite - he was bowled over and loved the passion we have for documenting this stuff. Well done and keep it up, it’s such a worthy project, history in the making.


Thanks @Lee more updates coming soon :slight_smile:


N08 Development - 26/05/2016


Bring it on. This development will make sense once built. @GetLivingLondon please post some latest news, or do we have to trawl through LLDC planning and speculate what’s new?


The main tower crane was installed today. I will be edititng a brand new time-lapse later and will post here. For now, here’s a photo of our new ‘neighbour’.

N08 Development Site - 8/6/16


Here some extra shots — N08 Tower Crane Installation 8/6/16


Here’s a time-lapse for Late May / Early June 2016:

And here, the latest time-lapse showing the Tower Crane Installation on 8th June 2016:


Frank this way you need to get ready for loads of invitations in the future, your work is amazing!! It has to be properly displayed in a E20 venue!! Congratulations and thanks.


Thank you @joaofonseca70 :slight_smile:


N08 Update - 23/06/16


N08 Update - 27/06/16


N08 Update - 15/07/2016.
Preparations for the concrete pour that will create the base for the main tower is underway.


Great continuity mate.

I see there is a camera on top of Vesta pointing down into N08 — hopefully it’s a full timelapse in progress by one of the developers