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Here’s the latest for N08:


Even though I knew this was coming…

I’m disappointed the hoardings have gone up on the opposite side of the footpaths adjacent to the plot, and (as @frankdasilva’s pic clearly shows) eating chunks into other footpaths/grassy areas and rendering them unusable…

I was hoping (probably naively yes) that all the building works would at least be contained in that soon-to-be-concrete grassy triangle. :unamused:


Having the path closed opposite sainsbury’s is an issue for me. In my opinion the road is wide enough to fit a temporary footway. Crossing that road is dangerous as some motorists race along.


Here’s the latest photos for N08 (16-17/11/15)

@isaac_layish I reckon the only reason the hoardings went a bit further inside Victory Park is due to safety reasons once the building start going up, lorries/tractors and cranes operation, etc… and they need some clearance otherwise it would be too close to the footpath. @modboy I am sure they will sort the pavement on Celebration Ave as it looks like they are going to leave a bit of space for people to walk and cross the street. Anyway, early days… lets see what happens :slight_smile:


Here’s the plan of where the hoardings should go - it’s not very clear, but it looks like most of what was the pavement will be within the hoardings, but what was the verge will be outside the hoarding, and presumably usable as a path.
I guess they need a bigger temporary hoarding to actually build the permanent hoarding and make all the utility connections.


Thanks Ben - great work digging this out and articulating for us!


Well done @Ben!

@Lee - I wonder, is there a rep on Yonder from whoever’s constructing this? Just to clarify…


Hi everyone, in case you didn’t get the @GetLivingLondon update:

Development Information Evening - Tuesday 15 December from 5.30-8pm (drop-in)
Timber Lodge Café (top of Olympic Park Avenue)
This will be a drop-in evening with information boards on the new buildings, an overview of the construction programme, and how we will be working to reduce the impact on the neighbourhood. Light refreshments provided. No RSVP necessary.


@isaac_layish Not from Mace as far as I’m aware, although if you want to ask them their email address is in the top post. It’s being built for QDD/GLL and they are on here as @GetLivingLondon


Latest N08 (20/11/15):


Latest N08 (02/11/15):


N08 07/12/15


Great work Frank, prime position to map the progress! We should setup a GoPro for a month over Christmas :wink:


Good Idea… maybe even a picture taken every week or the next 2 years until its ready… we could then make our very own timelapse video of the construction.


According to the latest newsletter, they’re going to be instating a temporary path through Victory Park alongside the boundary hoarding. The footpath along Celebration Avenue is also set to return this coming Monday, assuming everything goes to plan.


N08 10/12/15

Digging phase started:


N08 14/12/15


Great work, Frank. I love your photos, and I would be really happy if you could keep up the excellent ‘documentary’ work.
Best wishes,


Second that @Falco — Frank is the man who can!


Thank @Falco @Lee - I’ll keep documenting the progress of N08 and will post here for sure :slight_smile: