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This is a new dedicated thread monitoring the developments of ‘N08 - East Village’

On Monday 13th April, around 80 local residents attended the East Village new developments information evening at Chobham Academy, hosted by @GetLivingLondon

Development info evening handout April 2015.pdf (1.1 MB)
East Village developments update April 2015.pdf (2.4 MB)

The main details can be found in presentation posted above, but in summary the following points were covered:

Neil Young, CEO of Get Living London introduced key details of the future developments:
2000 new homes will be built on 5 plots, mostly on the private rental model, bringing the total number of homes in East Village to almost 5000. The development continues the building of the Stratford City Masterplan, first granted permission in 2005. The buildings will also host a range of retail and commercial units. Construction will take place in phases up to 2020, with N08 (site between Vesta House and Victory Park) starting this summer and N06 (between N07 and the Waterglades) starting later this year.

Mace has been appointed as contractor for the project. David Reynolds, Project Director for Mace introduced his company and provided details of the N08 project timeline and key considerations:

  • N08 site hoarding will go up in June, construction work will begin in July, with tower cranes errected in December. The building and landscaping should be completed in late 2017.

  • Work will only take place 0800-1800 Monday-Friday and 0800-1300 Saturday, except in extraordinary circumstances.

  • Construction traffic will follow a South-North one way system, arriving via International Way and leaving via Temple Mills Lane. Marshalls will be directing construction traffic, a wheel wash and street cleaning will be carried out and discussions are ongoing with Newham Council with regards to school crossing arrangements.

  • Mace will keep residents up to date through mail drops and the GLL/Triathlon Newsletters, and will have management on site to respond to complaints and queries.

  • Mace will use local suppliers, sub-contractors and employees where possible.

Alex Lifschutz, Director at architect Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, explained the masterplan, showing the height and massing of the proposed buildings in the context of the existing development. The towers, ranging from 26-36 stories (a reduction from the permitted heights of up to 50 stories) will be of a slender 26m square construction, above podium buildings which will be of similar scale to existing East Village blocks. A model showing the proposed buildings can be found in the Get Living London office, while full plans are on the LLDC website.

Questions were raised by East Village residents with regard to details of the planned traffic management and road safety issues, available information on the affect on sunlight to neighbouring buildings, and the perceived lack of information on future plans when renting/buying flats.

Further questions are welcomed and should be directed to:
Sarah Carruthers, Get Living London - community@getlivinglondon.com
Michelle Baker, Mace - michelle.baker@macegroup.com

Get Living London

Qatari Diar Delancey is the company behind Get Living London. It’s a joint partnership between Qatari Diar Real Estate Development Company and Delancey.

Qatari Diar is wholly owned by the Qatar Investment Authority and has more than 35 projects in more than 20 countries. Qatari Diar aims to create and manage property investments and developments which not only comply with the best international standards, but also strongly reflect local culture and values.

Delancey is a specialist real estate investment company with a property portfolio that covers retail, residential and commercial developments across London and the UK, and which has a strong track record when it comes to creating and managing high quality places that people want to live and work in.


Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, offering integrated services across the full property and infrastructure life cycle. Experts in programme and project management, construction delivery, cost consultancy and facilities management thrive within our collaborative and entrepreneurial culture, constantly striving to find better solutions to complex infrastructure and property challenges.

Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands was established in 1986, and has grown steadily over 25 years to 90 staff based out of studios in London.


Reported by Ben Kinrade
For and on behalf of E20 Community & Cultural Interest Organisation

Two 30+ storey blocks in N08 plot in East Village
East Village — New developments information evening at Chobham Academy — Monday 13 April 2015
Shops and Retail Units in East Village

Hello all

I attended the later session of the meeting at the start of this month and spoke briefly to Sarah and Neil.
I have a question for everyone, and it may be that I have just allowed the information to pass me by in a blur of excitement that I was finally going to be moving into my new home, but were you all aware of these additional developments when you signed up to your shared ownership/rental schemes?

I fully understand that London as a city requires additional housing, and appreciate that our local area really is primed for further development. It would actually be neglectful of the sites owners/developers not to undertake further work considering how many new homes London needs. But, I really don’t feel like Triathlon have been open about the scale of what is actually coming! At no point during any of my meetings with them was the additional development mentioned…in any way at all.
I wondered if the rest of you had had a similar experience?


No but then I didn’t actually come and see my flat (long story on why not) but it was never a secret, other half who did come here knew but didn’t really look into it until we got here and there were about 25 LLDC planning letters in our post box including for N08 (this was over a year ago.) There is a big map in GLL’s office with towers on and there was something similar in Triathlon’s I believe.

The information on the Stratford City Plan has been in the public domain for a very long time, it is easy to research even if it didn’t come up in a survey search. It may well not have come up in a search as the key planning had been approved a long time ago so it was going to happen anyway. Most buyers I know did exhaustive research before they got signed on the dotted line so knew more than most of us who didn’t do anything. I bet landlords don’t tell people thinking of renting in the Halo, or anywhere else, there will be massive towers all around because the information is out there already.


Hi @RachmcKelly — I am not with @TriathlonHomes, so cannot comment on how the future developments have been approached by their sales team.

I know you probably know all this now, but before moving to East Village, I too was unaware of the full extent of the long term plans for this area. I recently found out through the @GetLivingLondon ‘ExplorE20 Walking tour’ that it was Michael Hestletine that instigated the idea for the regeneration of this area after the successful transformation in Canary Wharf. Allegedly flying through in a helicopter he realised that it would be the transport links that would bring people into the area, so set about building ‘Stratford International Station’ in the middle of no-where and the Stratford City Masterplan was born.

So East VIllages’ history started before the London 2012 Games as part of the 2005 Stratford City Masterplan, which identified what is now E20 as an area of great regeneration opportunity. So in fact it was the Olympics coming to town that fast-tracked the East Village for the Athletes to have somewhere to stay. Obviously, this then kicked started the masterplan when the ODA handed over to LLDC / @QEOP.

We can presume that we wouldn’t have half of the amazing worldclass legacy venues here. Further who knows if they would have the funding to have started work yet? What would East Village look like or be like without 2012. East London and this area has changed beyond anyones expectations in such a short period of time, look at @HereEast for example, what an amazing prospect for the future.

I have heard a few people say they feel misled, but it was all public domain and fairly common knowledge. For anyone buying with Triathlon Homes, new developments like N08 can only mean better investment for the future right? Not so good for people like me renting with Get Living London — But I love living here, renting or not, I can’t see myself living anywhere else for a while.

I’m not looking forward to living near so many building sites… but will it be that bad? What do people fear from N08 being developed? Dust? Noise?


I don’t fear the development, I’m just disappointed to feel so misled by the Triathlon team, again,


Sorry you feel that way @RachmcKelly — I would be surprised that they intentionally misled. I for one would very much like to own a property in East Village. It’s all positive development as far as I can see, apart from over inflated prices — anyone playing the long game has a safe investment right?


If I bought a house or a flat from a standard estate agent, I wouldn’t assume that he tells me about the new motorway being built 50 yards away in 5 years time or the roof leaking - they are sales people and selling is what they are supposed to do. As a buyer I felt like it was my duty to check if my investment was a good one, and it’s not like this information was hidden from us. It just wasn’t presented on a silver plate.

Maybe I have been just lucky because I was one of the last ones to buy a flat here, but I didn’t feel misled by Triathlon at all. I wasn’t kept under the illusion that I would have parking onsite (quite the opposite, they warned me it’ll be hard to find parking) nor did they hide the cost for annual ground rent. And most of the construction sites where already clearly visible when I viewed the flats last June.


I remember when I came for my viewing on the day we signed up and paid deposit for shared ownership. I can’t remember if the map in the triathlon office had the outlines of proposed buildings on or not but I’m inclined to say not.

When we were walking back from the viewing past the green triangle next to victory park I remember the saleswoman talking about how nice all the green spaces were and because I’d looked at the outline planning permission I said ‘but isn’t this area going to be built on?’ and she looked at me like a naughty child who had been caught out. Nobody else on the viewing had known and there’s no chance the salespeople would have said anything if it hasn’t been pointed out, so I can understand how so many people seem to have moved in without knowing.


When Triathlon was sharing offices with GLL, I remember to see, near the entrance, a model showing the east village development.


The start of something big…work getting underway on the N08 plot


I doubt that has anything to do with the build as it’s only a corner on the plot. The rest of the out of bounds area isn’t being built on. My guess is it’s to do with the tapas etc EV event at the weekend.


Yes, the main area they fenced is within the Victory Park bit. I think you right @Claire :slight_smile:


Plus GLL, who are generally good at giving updates/progress reports, have only said the fencing will go up in June. Nothing specific unlike with crane movements etc in other areas. Plus I haven’t found the ‘logistics’ planning application yet for N08 and that’s needed before anything happens. It may be there, I haven’t looked in the LLDC planning register for a few weeks.


N08 is go. The 3 newly approved applications.

15/00127/AOD - The mega document is CMMS
15/00114/AOD - piling
15/00128/AOD - noise

A revised application for the basement (less parking spaces apparently) which also gives a good idea of how much of the rest of the park will be lost during the build (it will be returned as will trees.)

15/00226/REM - outline


They’re also planning to move the Garden of Wilderness (the area within the round black fence) to the other side of the path in Victory park so that it’s further from the building 15/00225/REM


Anyone else would have just flattened it!


Hello @RachmcKelly,

When we looked at a flat in Vega House in December 2014, we were impressed by the nice view to the large, green area, the so-called Park. We were told that building permission had been given for that triangular area N08. I seem to remember that the young lady from Triathlon who showed us the flat said something like: “But nobody knows when the building works will start - if ever”.

Well - in the end, we did not buy the flat in Vega House, but one in Festive Mansions - in late February this year. And I’m happy we didn’t buy in Vega House. Also, I feel a bit sorry for the people in Vesta House whose view and sun will be gone soon.

I wish Triathlon had provided more precise and detailed info about future building plans - but at least they didn’t hide it, and the info was available in the public domain. Lesson learned.

Mainly, I am worried about less light / sunshine, about considerably less green, and about how full of people it is going to be, especially in summer in Victory Park (in my view a green rather than a park, actually).


Update from @GetLivingLondon ‘Relationship Management Team’ today

Preparation for development on N08 - Tree and wilderness area move – As N08 is prepared for hoarding later in the summer, the trees and wilderness area that were on this plot are being moved into Victory Park, which will be completed by the end of next week.


Here’s the latest (11/Nov/15):

…and here what is coming:


There goes our view…