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Plot N06, located at the South West of East Village (between N07 - Tayberry House & Kotata House - and the Waterglades) is a future residential development by Get Living London. This thread is intended to give an overview of the plans and will be updated as the development progresses.

The buildings on the N06 site were given outline planning permission as part of the Stratford City Masterplan, originally granted in 2005 and modified in 2007 and 2012. In 2014 the detailed design was submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation and approved. The scheme was designed by architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, RIBA London Architect of the Year 2015, who are also responsible for the design of N02, N14 and the other new buildings planned in East Village.

The development will be formed of 4 buildings: two towers of 24 and 29 storeys, and two podium buildings - a “mini tower” of 10 storeys, on the corner of Glade Walk and Ravens Walk, and a 7 storey curved building facing towards Olympic Park Avenue bridge. The Podium buildings will be faced with white brick, while the towers will be faced with stone cladding with copper coloured metal panels. Canopies around the base of each tower are designed to lessen the effect of the wind caused by the exposed site facing the park.

The buildings will consist entirely of residential accommodation, intended to be marketed on Get Living London’s rental model.
In total there will be 456 apartments (39 studios, 217 1 beds, 169 2 beds, 23 3 beds and 8 4 beds). Apartments on the lower levels of the towers will offer balconies, while higher level flats will feature internal winter garden space.
The basement floors of the building, accessed from Anthems Way, will provide a loading bay and parking for 509 bicycles as well as car parking.

A number of changes to the surrounding landscape will be made to accommodate the new buildings:

  • Ravens Walk will remain at its current width, but will be landscaped with additional trees, a play area and a set of landscaped steps up to the N06 courtyard.
  • Glade Walk, on the South side of the Portlands, will be diverted away from the new building, allowing the creation of more green space.
  • A new landscaped area will be planted between the building and Olympic Park Avenue.
  • The plot will feature a landscaped courtyard and a roof garden on top of one of the podium buildings.

Construction schedule:

  • Test piling began on the site in April 2015
  • Construction is due to begin in late 2015 and is predicted to take 2.5 years.

More information:
More detail on the building, including plans, daylight and wind analysis can be found in the planning application on the LLDC website.

Compiled by Ben Kinrade for and on behalf of E20 Org.

I don't understand this letter from Quod. Do you?

There goes the stadium view from Maya :sob:


What about the sound proofing around the communal areas, like the corridors and the playground being put in?

Basically it means more noise than we already have!!


Update from @GetLivingLondon ‘Relationship Management Team’ today

N06 test piling – The test piling on N06 was successfully conducted and is now complete.


And any sunlight to our flat, woo.


And I was always slightly envious of the longer sun and better sunsets over there - only to be unfortunately dwarfed by the towers… Hopefully y’all can flat hop across when it’s done.


Plans in: Towers in Stratford’s Olympic Village from Apartology.


Plans have been lodged with the London Legacy Development Corporation for the designs of two towers within ‘Village East’, the former Olympic Village. The towers will be located at the South-West point of the village, near the road bridge to Westfield.

Hawkins/Brown are behind the designs, which will see two towers with a skybridge between them erected on the site. The designs of the towers feature a grid of glass-fibre reinforced concrete, with coloured panels within the grid. Each tower will have a different colour-coded identity, although both will share services in a ‘super lobby’ at the base.

In total 524 apartments are planned here, all of which will be for the build to rent market for Get Living London, who currently rent out around 1500 homes in the Olympic Village.


Interesting new renders, thanks for archiving here on Yonder as I’d seen these pop up on other Facebook groups.

The super-lobby makes sense, I’d love to see some interior concepts. I understand Manhattan Lofts are making a big feature of their entrance lobby being double height.

What do you think the skybridge between the two towers is for? Lookout platform across the wetlands and into West London or genuine connectivity between residential breakout zones?


From the render above it looks like a bridge linking the two blocks on the tenth floor with and open walkway below giving access to the courtyard behind. My main concern is it will make a great wind tunnel facing Southwest into the prevailing winds and feel permanently chilly.

Here are a few more pics.


I really like the design and the super-lobby and sky-bridge looks very exciting! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing :+1:


There are many spots in East Village that are already quite windy, especially Olympic Park Avenue on a breezy day. Surely the architects would have carried out their best practice studies with regards to wind and light etc.

It would be great if @GetLivingLondon or Mace would share the development plans and technological advances. I think local developers in general are too scared to post on Yonder development threads for fear of being targeted with hate campaigns.


I didn’t do any in-depth research yet but apparently, Stratford happens to be an area prone to very strong winds. There’s no natural buffer between us and the Ural Mountains in Russia and this is why we are always exposed to gusty winds travelling this way. Of course, this presents a big challenge to the construction industry. I did a quick browse on the Internet through some ‘Wind & Microclimate Assessment’ documents and all development sites are taking this into consideration. Hopefully with the new buildings that are going up in and around East Village, this is going to minimise the wind factor for us a bit.


Without a doubt this all looks great from a civil engineering stand point, yet find it a bit suffocating. When I moved here in August 2014 one of the things I loved the most was indeed the feeling of openness, vast green areas and all.


I think this design looks far too harsh with that much concrete. It’s the 21st century so we have so much more materials to choose from! :smiley:
I hope someone else offers a better design - So far I prefer Lifschutz Davidson Sandiland’s design.
Does anyone know how we can find out more and raise some questions?


Agree! I also think the coloured panels will make it look dated pretty quickly. Think of all those flat roofs from the 70s! Different if it was coloured natural materials like sandstone etc.


Press update 1/7/17

Get Living secures consent for enhanced East Village design

Get Living, the award-winning private rental operator, today announced that it has secured approval from the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) for enhanced proposals for Plot N06, one of the remaining legacy development plots in the East Village neighbourhood, adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The successful application makes substantial improvements to the design and layout of the development, including a landscaped private courtyard, outdoor terraces, ‘Superlobby’ and amenity space for all residents, with flexible areas for socialising, relaxing and a concierge service.

To further enliven the area, new retail space has been introduced on the ground floor - in keeping with the existing independent retail offer at East Village - and a children’s play area will be created to add to the Village’s already excellent provision.

The new development will provide 524 new homes in East Village. The unit mix of studio apartments to family homes has been revised from the original plans based on the unrivalled experience and understanding of the professionally managed rental market that Get Living has garnered since launching in 2013.

Approval for the N06 plans increase Get Living’s London portfolio to nearly 4,000 units, comprising 2,100 homes currently under management and 482 units under construction. N06 will deliver 524, with a further 900 units with planning approved.

Get Living is backed by its investors; Delancey’s flagship client fund, DV4; Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company; and Dutch pension fund asset manager, APG. Architects for the enhanced proposals are Hawkins\Brown.

Neil Young, CEO, Get Living London said; “We are delighted that planning consent has been granted for the enhanced proposals. With initially 1,500 homes under our management since late 2013, Get Living has accumulated a keen understanding of the successful aspects of life in East Village. The Build to Rent market has developed parallels with the hospitality sector, with a focus on customer experience and amenity. The approved proposals respond to these learnings and trends, incorporating innovative designs to deliver an enhanced and additional offer at East Village.

“This positive latest news for East Village follows our ground-breaking move, announced last week, to scrap rental deposits for all new renters as well as existing residents.”

  • Ends -

For further information, please contact:
FTI Consulting

Tom Gough / Methuselah Tanyanyiwa: +44 (0) 20 3727 1000


Work is starting very soon on this.


Mace appointed to deliver the next phase of homes in East Village:

  • Mace, the contractor for N08, has been announced as the lead contractor for NO6 - the next phase of homes to come to East Village just south of Portlands on Olympic Park Avenue
  • Hoarding will go up in mid-October to secure the site for early works
  • East Village residents will be invited to an information evening with Mace and Get Living in November to learn more about the construction programme


And here’s how the work site will be set up on the ground (green line is the hoarding):


Ooh - hoarding line will be very close to Tina’s and Signorelli’s. Hope business holds up. What’s the timeline?