May 2018: Training, Club and Accessible Rides


Hey @Rudrum. Glad you enjoyed the ride. Anthony has had a word with the ride leaders as they should’ve made sure you rejoined the group. Sometimes with large numbers at junctions it can be hard to keep track. That said it’s rare that we leave someone behind. Hope to see you out again soon.



Hey @Henry absolutely nothing to apologise about, I had a great time. Hopefully see you out again soon!


Hey guys, still keen to be a part of a ride on Sunday, just wondering what the plans are?


Hi all

I’m planning a 70km rolling route tomorrow (similar to the one we did 2 weeks ago -

Aiming for an average around 26kph. Will post the gpx and more details later after the FA Cup.



Sounds good. Will be at Sainsburys around 8, looking forward to it


20.05.2018 ride

Club Ride - Nazeing and North Weald loop
Avg. Pace: 26kph
Distance: 70km
Saddle time: 3 hours
Drop: No drop - but make sure you are comfortable with the pace and distance above
Route: e20 - Nazeing - Harlow Common - North Weald - Epping - e20.gpx

The first half of the route when out of London is rolling countryside - no major hills but some middling ones. After that it levels out and should provide some nice green country lanes before the long straight from Epping back into town. If there is appetite we can always add on a Ivy Chimneys and Theydon Bois detour towards the end.

Meet at 08.15 for a 08.30 departure (@MattChorlton)

As ever make sure your tyres pumped & bring spare tube, a pump etc and try to download the route.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water & food for the ride - its going to be warm tomorrow.

See you in the morning.


Massive thanks to everyone riding this morning, was a pleasurable ride although my legs didn’t have much for the climbs. Really enjoyed the route @DavidC please share any photos

Hope you enjoy the rest of your sunny weekend


Has anyone got any midweek rides they can recommend?

Generally I’ll be aiming to leave around 5pm and ride around 50miles, with as little traffic as possible!


A good team effort today. Hope everyone managed to top up their tan lines.

A slightly squinting picture of today’s group:


I definitely ended up with some light sunburn…great to meet you guys, and thank you for leading the route David. Look forward to rolling out with you again. Not around for a couple of weeks, but hopefully I’ll be out on 10th June!


Accessible Ride: High beech- with some hills if people are interested :slight_smile:
Ride Leaders: @MdeBokx and @Lee
Departure: We’d like everyone to be there 8:20am so we can go through names and basic ride info, set off when we’re ready.
Avg. Pace: 22-23kph
Distance: 40-50km (depending on hills)
Ride Time: I’d allow for 3 hours. (We have a stop at High beech.)
Drop: No

Hello everybody. This weekend, we will have our usual ride up to the Acorn Hut at High Beech, Epping forest. There is the option of doing two hill climbs, Lippits and Mott street, for those who are feeling good. There are other routes we can branch out to as well depending on how good we feel.

This ride is a no drop ride. So no one will be left behind. We aim to work as a team and really build on group riding skills. Just remember, even though this ride is accessible we still aim to push ourselves.

We will aim for an average speed of 14mph (23kph) across the ride - this is flexible based on the ability on the ride itself, the ride leaders will look out for anyone struggling with pace and adjust accordingly.

Please make sure you have enough sustenance for the ride; bars, bananas, water. We will stop at the Acorn Hut where you can buy coffee, tea or other snacks (please note they only take cash so come prepared!).

Weather looks a bit weird, so we will play it by ear.

Please reply to this topic if you plan to attend - Thanks!!
Hope to see lots of you there!


Thanks for sharing @MdeBokx - see what you mean about the weather, it looks quite dramatic, although only a 15-20% chance of rain.


I may join and then peel off after Epping … really depends on tomorrow’s weather


Hey @Theqg_QG - I’ll do the same and we can stretch out a bit longer if weather allows.


The weather looks OK; is it tempting fate to say it might be worth putting some sun cream on? image


Weather looks great so the ride will go on :grin::ok_hand:t3:


Will be at there


Ah, good, I have been here for a while…


Thoroughly glorious ride! Thanks all, loved the route bolt on @MdeBokx

Good to meet you @aglet and Caroline if she’s on here? - well done, strong ride!


Lovely day for it, nice ride despite the all too close encounter with that Yaris…