May 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


Well done guys, was great to see you all led by @jools looking like a latter day Maximus Decimus Meridius resplendent in club colours.
I was planning on going out early but that plan was well and truly scuppered by my girls. Road out and started after you guys so was surprised to be ahead of you! Hope to join you all soon!



100km @ 24-25 kph average 08:30am depart

Hi guys

I’ll be going on a longish but steady ride tomorrow Saturday with anyone welcome to join. My focus here will be to ride at a steady easy to moderate pace for the distance. It will be hot so will feel more challenging that it looks!

The route I have in mind is this one that loops Chipping Ongar

Whilst I will make some allowances, this will not be a ‘no drop’ ride, i.e. if you get into difficulty it will be up to you to carry on or make your own way home. Therefore, please be confident with:

  • applying sun cream!
  • the heat and hydration (electrolyte drink + extra tabs essential)
  • fuelling during the ride
  • group riding and taking turns on the front
  • having breakfast
  • carrying spares, etc.
  • getting home if you need to drop off

Please let me know here in advance if you plan to join and message the Whatsapp group if you’re late (PM me to join), and that you understand the necessary prep. I won’t be making a coffee stop but will stop for water and half way for a breather.




Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 14-15mph STRICT
Distance: 25m

Hi All

I’ll be leading a 25mile (40km) ride to the Acorn Hut at High Beech, Epping Forest and back. This ride is aimed at road bike riders and has the strict policy of no-one left behind.

We will aim for an AVERAGE across the ride of 14-15mph (22kph) - STRICT. This will also be a recovery ride so anyone wanting a faster or longer ride should either look out for one lead by another rider, or lead one themselves.

All riders are encouraged to read this post on group riding before joining:

Please prepare by:

  • bringing water
  • having breakfast
  • pumping your tyres to appropriate pressure
  • understanding the distance
  • taking on water and food during the ride
  • carrying spare inner tube etc.
  • getting home if you need to leave the ride

Please let me know here in advance by replying on this topic if you plan to join.



Hi All
Just to join in @Henry 's party. I am able to lead a 120km mid pace ride on Sunday morning

It will be a ride out to Great Dunmow, in part following the Dunwich Dynamo route, with a coffee stop in Dunmow.

Notes on Henry’s Saturday ride above apply - this will not be ‘no drop’ though allowances will be made on hills, etc. and note the recovery at half way. Aiming for 27kph average across ride as a whole, so will need to keep the pace up to achieve that, and everyone will be expected to contribute to strong group riding.

Please let me know if you definitely will join on here, as I will make different personal plans if there is nobody signed up in advance



Hi. I would like to join the ride


Myself and @SarahSharp will be aiming for the accessible ride, see you on Sunday @Henry.



Yeah, what @ToddYatesUK said. Would like to come along to the accessible ride on Sunday, thanks for running one. :slight_smile: :bike:


Running a bit late for those looking to join me today.


Hi, I would also like to join the accessible ride on Sunday please. Best wishes, Roseann.


No take up on the Great Dunmow ride so I’ll be off somewhere else
Enjoy the sun


It’s been a while but looking forward to the ride tomorrow.


Nice group doing different rides this morning. And always nice to time the return to have a coffee together

@Henry - I need to start your habit of an espresso from @Signorelli before the ride. Very civilised


Much appreciation to Henry for leading the accessible ride on Sunday. Thanks also to the other cyclists for your lovely company, patience & encouragement. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Bank Holiday. Best wishes, Roseann.


Nice accessible ride on Sunday, thanks @Henry.

Took about 50sec off my Wellie Hill PR too, apparently I haven’t done that hill for for months :smiley: .


Any plans for tomorrow? Guess we need a June thread. I’ll be riding but not sure what, depends on weather and how we’re feeling.


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Whoops, sorry just added mate